Deputy CM Manish Sisodia slams Delhi Police

21 Sep 2016 | By Supriya Kaur

Deputy Chief Minister, Manish Sisodia lashed out at the Delhi Police over the gruesome murder of a 21 year old woman in broad daylight.

Sisodia took to social media to say that the Delhi Police needed to urgently focus on the common man's security instead of harassing AAP leaders.

This is the latest flash point between the AAP-led state government and the Delhi Police.

In context: The gruesome Burari murder; blame game begins

AboutThe Burari Murder

A 21-year old woman, Karuna, was brutally attacked in Delhi's Burari area on 20 Sep.

The accused is a 34-year old who had relentlessly stalked her for 18 months.

The victim's family had registered a complaint against him six months ago but the families reached a compromise.

Karuna, a part-time teacher at a school, was on her way to work when the attack happened.

The incidentDelhi's insensitivity fails Karuna

According to the Delhi police, Karuna was stabbed 27-28 times and the 3-minute attack was caught on CCTV.

A passer-by tried to intervene but the attacker scared him off.

Some witnesses claimed to have called the ambulance and the police but neither came despite there being a police-station close by.

The CCTV showed 30-40 people walking by but only one person tried helping.

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Surender Singh: The accused

Surender Singh is the son of a retired Delhi Police official. His father said, "I have nothing do with him. He has behavioural issues. We used to get a lot of complaints about him. I tried to put him on track but he never listened."

21 Sep 2016Deputy CM Manish Sisodia slams Delhi Police

Centre seeks report from Delhi Police

The Centre sought a report from the Delhi Police regarding Karuna's brutal murder. Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju said, "We have sought a fact report from Delhi Police Commissioner over the incident. Whatever happened is very sad."
What transpired after the attack?

Chain of eventsWhat transpired after the attack?

After the attack, the accused was subdued by several locals and was handed over to the police.

An eyewitness hailed an auto and took the girl to the hospital.

Allegedly, the accused also took pictures of the victim's body after killing her.

Subsequently, relatives of the victim assembled at the Trauma Centre in Civil Lines where her body was taken, to mark a protest.

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Chief of Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) reacts

DCW's Chief Swati Maliwal called the heinous murder of Karuna as extremely shameful and said, "The DCW is working to improve the situation but it cannot happen unless and until both the Centre and state work together."