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12 Oct 2018

#CareerBytes: Experts and toppers' tips to crack the IIT-JEE exam

Experts and toppers' tips to crack IIT-JEE exam

The JEE entrance exam is the ultimate test for any engineering aspirant in India.

Clearing the two-level test is vital for getting admission to the the coveted IITs, NITs, and other top engineering schools.

However, good news is, with dedicated and resourceful preparation, one can crack it.

Here are experts and toppers' tips to crack the JEE exam.

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Experts and toppers' tips to crack IIT-JEE exam
Formulate a study strategy; Get acquainted with the exam details

Strategy, Details

Formulate a study strategy; Get acquainted with the exam details

Strategy: As suggested by exam toppers, it is important to plan and formulate a preparation strategy. For this, look at your strengths and weaknesses, decide your number of study hours, arrange practice sources, and follow-up.

Exam Details: Aspirants are advised to understand all the nuances of the exam, ie. syllabus, pattern, model papers, number of aspirants/colleges, nature of questions etc.


Practice is vital, can't stress this enough

Practise past years' and mock test papers to get an idea about question framing, difficulty levels, exam pattern and time distribution.

Additionally, take online mock tests to understand the various nuances of the computer-based test.

It'll help brush off the nervousness, in case you're appearing for the JEE test for the first time.

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Allot plenty of time for revision

All exam toppers and experts suggest aspirants to allot at least 2 months exclusively for revision. This will help you retain all that you've learned all this while, for the final test day, and will also help calm your nerves.

Balance your Boards and JEE preparation

What a lot of JEE aspirants tend to do is that they overlook their preparation for the Boards exams. However, as suggested by experts and toppers, Boards are crucial for building your conceptual base. Thus, always balance your preparation for the Boards and JEE exam.

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How to prepare for the JEE exam?

Asked on 14-10-2018 by Raghwendra Pratap Singh

Answered by NewsBytes

You can prepare for the JEE exam by following these simple steps: (1) Prepare a study plan, (2) Know your weak topics and start preparing them first, (3) Assess how much you need to invest in one topic and set small goals daily to achieve that, and (4) Be consistent.

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How to manage my board exams and JEE exam?

Asked on 14-10-2018 by ANKIT LENDE

Answered by NewsBytes

To manage your board exams as well as JEE exam, follow these simple steps: (1) Decide the number of months you'll dedicate to the board exams and JEE exams, (2) Prepare a study chart and set daily small goals to achieve in time, and (3) Try to focus on board exams first as they will also provide basic details on several topics.

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