Health benefits of Amla


14 Oct 2018

#HealthBytes: Top 6 health benefits of Amla

A popular fruit in the subcontinent, Amla, or the Indian gooseberry, is being used in Ayurvedic practice since long.

Packed with Vitamin C, antioxidants, Iron and Calcium, Amla helps give a boost to your overall health, and keeps the risk of dreadful health conditions at bay.

Here are top 6 health benefits of Amla.

Eyesight, Skin

Amla has amazing health benefits for your eyes and skin

Amla has amazing health benefits for your eyes and skin

Eyesight: Amla has been shown to have great effect on our vision. Consuming Amla on a daily-basis can help reduce cataract problem, intraocular tension, and also reddening, itching and watering in eyes.

Skin: A superb anti-ageing food, Amla juice mixed with honey, taken every morning, will help you get a glowing and healthy skin.

Immunity, Hair health

Amla will give a boost to your immunity, hair health

Immunity: The antibacterial and astringent properties of Amla help prevent the oxidative damage caused due to free radicals, thereby giving a boost to your immune system.

Hair: A time-tested tonic for hair, Amla is known to slow down graying of hair, prevent dandruff, strengthen hair follicles and improve blood flow to the scalp, thus improving hair growth.

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Digestion, Fat burn

Amla helps enhance digestion and aids in weight loss

Amla helps enhance digestion and aids in weight loss

Digestion: High in fiber (that helps improve and regulate bowel movement), Amla can improve digestion and reduce chances of constipation or other digestive health issues.

Fat burn: Studies have shown that Amla enhances one's metabolism, thus fastening fat-burn. Further, it has been seen that having a glass of Amla juice before a meal, fills you up, thus reducing hunger and promoting weight loss.

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