Former bureaucrat facing CBI probe commits suicide

27 Sep 2016 | Written by Supriya Kaur; Edited by Gaurav

BK Bansal, Former Director General (Corporate Affairs Ministry) who was being investigated by the CBI in a corruption case, allegedly committed suicide along with his 25 year old son, at their East Delhi residence.

BK Bansal had been arrested on July 17 and shortly after, his wife and daughter had committed suicide.

He had been granted bail on August 30.

In context: CBI probe against bureaucrat ends in tragedy

AboutThe Corruption Case

Former bureaucrat BK. Bansal had accepted a bribe of Rs.9 lakh from a company that he was investigating for 'illegal business-practices'.

Allegedly, he had demanded a Rs.20 lakh bribe for closing the investigation against this Mumbai-based pharmaceutical company.

CBI raids on his properties led to discovery of Rs.60 lakh cash, 20 property-papers and unearthing of 60 bank-accounts.

He was arrested on July 17, 2016.

Tragedy strikesBansal's wife, daughter bore brunt of CBI raids

Two days after BK Bansal's arrest on July 17, his wife and daughter committed suicide by hanging themselves in their residential home.

Satyabala Bansal and daughter Neha, 58 and 27 years old respectively, left similar suicide notes.

The notes stated that nobody was responsible for their deaths but they were so humiliated by the CBI raids that they couldn't continue living with the shame.

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CBI's statement on daughter and wife suicides

Devpreet Singh, CBI spokesperson stated, "We are deeply shocked and saddened by the incident. It may be mentioned here that both the deceased were neither accused nor questioned or summoned in the ongoing investigation. The matter is being looked into by the local police."

Interim bailCourt asks CBI to rethink Bansal's arrest

On July 22, Special CBI Judge Gurdeep Singh granted BK Bansal interim relief to allow him to perform rituals for his deceased family members.

The Judge had also instructed CBI to 'rethink' the necessity of arrest in such cases.

Since then, the court extended Bansal's bail on multiple occasions as it didn't find merit in CBI's concerns that Bansal would tamper with the evidence.

27 Sep 2016Former bureaucrat facing CBI probe commits suicide

September 27BK Bansal and son's untimely deaths

The police suspect that BK Bansal and his son committed suicide.

Their untimely deaths came to light today morning at 9.30 am when the local police was intimated by domestic help employed at Bansal's residence.

Two separate suicide notes were recovered but the police have not yet disclosed the contents.

Inquest proceedings have been initiated and bodies have been sent for autopsy.

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29 Sep 2016BK Bansal's suicide note points to Amit Shah

The suicide note of B K Bansal, who had allegedly committed suicide, pointed toward a possible conspiracy against him by Amit Shah.

The letter alleges that CBI DIG Sanjeev Gautam threatened his life at the behest of Amit Shah, pointing to a murder conspiracy.

The note also alleged that the CBI tortured his daughter and wife at the behest of DIG Sanjeev Gautam.

04 Oct 2016Bansal's son disclosed Rs.2.38 crore unaccounted income: CBI

The CBI stated that deceased Director General of Corporate Affairs BK Bansal and his son had disclosed unaccounted income worth Rs.2.38 crore to tax officials a day before he allegedly committed suicide.

CBI sources said there was CCTV footage from banks showing Bansal's son and wife carrying valuables in bank, after he was arrested.

CBI officials refused to comment on the matter officially.