Liquor ban: Gandhi Jayanti observed as dry day

02 Oct 2016 | By Sneha Johny
Dry day observed on Gandhi Jayanti

The government said the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti will be observed as a dry day across Indian states.

A dry day is one where the sale of alcohol is prohibited and in India, it is most often followed during days of national importance like Republic Day, Independence Day, Gandhi Jayanti and on election days.

Goa's state government also banned operation of casinos today.

In context: Dry day observed on Gandhi Jayanti

Alcohol restrictionsLiquor prohibition in India

In India, alcohol is prohibited across the states of Kerala, Gujarat, and Nagaland.

Apart from these states, the Lakshadweep islands also prohibit the sale of alcohol.

Gujarat is pitched to be the only state which awards a death penalty for those who manufacture and sell homemade liquor that induces fatalities.

Lakshadweep, however, permits alcohol sale at Bangaram islands, an uninhabited island.

Alcohol prohibition in the United States

During the early 1920s till the Great Recession, the United States placed a nationwide ban on alcohol and its manufacture across the country. Soon after it began, the country saw the widespread growth of mafia groups. The government's revenue also dwindled during 1930s.
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Alcohol consumption banned across Muslim-dominant regions

DetailsAlcohol consumption banned across Muslim-dominant regions

The sale and consumption of alcohol is believed to be against the religious principles of Islam.

Most Muslim-dominant countries and states would see the partaker win themselves a trip to the jail.

Although this has been put to force across countries, many Muslims admit to enjoying a drink, with reports placing the figure at 5 percent amongst those who identified themselves as Muslims.

02 Oct 2016Liquor ban: Gandhi Jayanti observed as dry day

Maharashtra's enforcement of drinking licenses

Maharashtra fares as the only Indian state which demands anyone drinking alcohol to hold a license. The drinking license is obtained at the Government Civil Hospital. The hospital issues an official license permitting the consumption of alcohol to the license holder.

Alcohol banWeird alcohol prohibition laws world-wide

Turkey is another country where the election day is observed to be alcohol-free, with alcohol sales banned across the country on the day.

Another eccentric restriction on alcohol is in Bolivia, where married women in the South American country is prohibited from consuming more than one glass of wine in public.

This is an attempt to restrict married women from flirting with other men.