Uttar Pradesh: Train runs over three gangmen


05 Nov 2018

UP: Train runs over three railway gangmen working on tracks

A train ran over three gangmen between Sandila and Umartali stations in Uttar Pradesh.

The three were working on the tracks when the Kolkata-Amritsar Akal Takth Express ran over them at around 12 pm today.

The incident comes barely weeks after 60 Dussehra revelers, including women and children, were mowed down by a train while watching the burning of the Ravana effigy near Amritsar.


'Workers were drilling on the track without any prior block'

A statement issued by the Northern Railway said, "The three gangmen were reportedly drilling on the track without any prior block."

Prior blocks are mandatory in case of any repair or maintenance gets done on tracks.

For repair, specific blocks or time is taken from the concerned zone to ensure that workers are not caught in between the two approaching trains, officials said.

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