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08 Nov 2018

#HealthBytes: 5 detox tips to follow post Diwali festivities

Post-Diwali detox tips

Among other things, Diwali is a festival of delectable dishes and sweets. And dietary restrictions, for once, can be done away with.

However, now with Diwali gone, your mindless munching must come to a halt, and healthier options need to be chosen.

So, in order to help you make up for those platefuls of Jalebis, here are top 5 detox tips you should follow.

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Post-Diwali detox tips
Start out your day with some lemon water

Lemon water

Start out your day with some lemon water

A change as small as drinking lemon water, each morning, on an empty stomach, can give a considerable boost to your health.

All you have to do is fill a glass with warm water and add half-a-lemon's juice to it.

Drinking this syrup will help flush out toxins/impurities and excess sugars from the system, thus helping improve digestion, and promoting weight-loss.

Healthy snacking

Put unhealthy snacking to rest and replace with healthier options

Finally, say goodbye to those platefuls of pakoras, kachoris and mithai for the sake of your own good health- stick to healthy snacking as part of your detox-plan.

Opt for oats, fruit salads and juices for a much-needed clean-up of your body.

Another healthy option is to grab a handful of nuts while heading out, in order to avoid unhealthy eating.

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Limit your intake of processed foods; Practise mindful eating


Limit your intake of processed foods; Practise mindful eating

Processed foods: Instead of gulping on food-items with excess sugars, fats and processed carbohydrates, go for healthier choices, ie. raw, steamed, and sauted veggies, dals and fibre-rich grains like oats and brown rice.

Mindful eating: Never two-time with your food. Eat mindfully and with focus. This will help you grasp your body-reactions and signals, so you know when you're full, thus helping avoid over-eating.

Tip #5: Make time for exercise

You must get back to your exercise routine once the festivities are over, because all that unhealthy eating will ruin your weight-loss plans, if you don't work out regularly. Simple aerobic exercises like running, biking, and swimming (regularly) can help.

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