Indian Railways hikes medical consultation fees


08 Nov 2018

Railways hikes medical consultation fees on trains to Rs. 100

With more and more reports of medical emergencies during rail travel emerging, the Indian Railways has decided to charge passengers Rs. 100 for medical consultation provided by it.

This is the first time that the Railways has increased the fees for medical consultation since 1989.

Earlier, the fee was Rs. 20.

Here are the finer details.


Details of the new fee structure for medical consultation

Details of the new fee structure for medical consultation

According a recent order issued by the Railway Board, a passenger who is afflicted with sudden illness or injury (not resultant of a train accident) will be charged Rs. 100 for medical consultation.

Additionally, the cost of medicine and injections, if any, will also be charged from affected passengers.

Traveling Ticket Examiners (TTEs) have been authorized to collect this medical consultation fee, and will provide passengers with receipts for the same.


What happens during medical emergency situations

According to Railways sources, at times when passengers complain of injury or illness, the TTEs on board the train alert the control room or the next railway station about the illness/injury.

Accordingly, arrangements are made to provide medical assistance.

During such situations, passengers are normally provided with first aid and consultation by doctors, and then referred to a private or government hospital for further treatment.

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