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08 Nov 2018

#CareerBytes: Last minute preparation tips to crack CAT 2018

Last two-weeks preparation tips for CAT 2018

One of the toughest and most-competitive exams in the country, the CAT management-aptitude test for admissions to top B-schools of India, is scheduled to take place on November 25, 2018.

Now, with roughly 2 weeks to go for the exam, aspirants need to work hard (and smart), more than ever before.

Here are some last-minute handy tips to help crack the exam.

In context

Last two-weeks preparation tips for CAT 2018
Practise, practise, practise!

Before exam day

Practise, practise, practise!

With just two weeks to go, it is important for the aspirants to get hold of, and solve as many past years' and mock test papers as they can.

This will help you get a fair idea of paper-pattern, question-framing, difficulty levels, and time management, among other aspects.

Furthermore, solving mock tests will help boost up your confidence and brush-off exam anxiety.

Revision to the rescue

Given that you no longer have months to prepare for the test, mugging up new information or trying to grasp unknown concepts won't be a good idea. So, rather stick to revision, to help yourself retain and strengthen all that you've learnt so far.

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Mug up handy tricks and shortcuts

All CAT aspirants must bear in mind that it is a time-bound test, and the clock ticks quite fast. Thus, it becomes vital to practise solving calculative problems on a daily basis to build up speed.

Additionally, one should get hold of handy Maths tricks and shortcuts available in books and on the Internet, to improve their preparation for CAT.

Focus on accuracy and time management

On exam day

Focus on accuracy and time management

Notably, CAT exam toppers do not go about answering all the questions in the exam, instead they focus on accuracy and time management.

On an average, a 99 percentiler answers minimum 23 out 34 QA Section questions, 22 out of 34 DILR questions, and 20 out of 34 VRC Section questions.

However, don't take this as a thumb rule.

The significance of time-management in CAT

The CAT exam has a sectional time limit of 60 minutes for each section (3 hours in all). Aspirants must be able to manage their time well, and enhance their speed as much as possible. This augments one's chances of cracking the exam.

Exam day tips

Act smart on the test day; Mind your health

Act smart: Taking smart decisions on the D-day is vital. Never waste much time on a single problem. If stuck, move on. Also, mind the negative marking, and focus on accuracy.

Mind your health: With the exam day so close, taking care of your health is of utmost importance. Eat healthy and regularly. Make time for exercise, rest and relaxation. Sleep well, and enough.

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