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09 Nov 2018

'Missing' Tej Pratap Yadav is in Haridwar, won't come home

Tej Pratap Yadav located, is in Haridwar

RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav's son, Tej Pratap, called in on Friday, days after he went missing on Monday.

Tej Pratap, who has been in the news of late over his divorce filing against wife Aishwarya Rai, called a Bihari news channel from Haridwar to wish his brother Tejashwi a happy birthday.

However, he said he won't return home.

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Tej Pratap Yadav located, is in Haridwar

Tej Pratap: Won't come home till family supports me

"Our differences are irreconcilable. I had said this to my parents before the marriage was solemnized. But nobody listened to me then and nobody is listening to me now. Until they agree with me, how can I return home?," Yadav told the news channel.

On Monday, Tej Pratap went missing


On Monday, Tej Pratap went missing

On Monday, Tej Pratap, after a reported argument with family members, gave his security detail the slip at a hotel in Bodh Gaya, and disappeared with his car.

Unconfirmed reports back then had claimed that he could have exiled himself to Vrindavan or Varanasi.

However, a fix on Tej Pratap's location could not be obtained.

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Tej Pratap is at loggerheads with his family

Tej Pratap is reportedly at loggerheads with his family members, who he claims are supporting his wife over the divorce issue.

He had earlier said that he and his wife Aishwarya were "incompatible" and that he had been living a "stifled life" since marriage.

The RJD leader had also said that he had not been on talking terms with Aishwarya for a month.

Tej Pratap had alleged conspiracy by family members

"Everyone in my family is supporting the girl [Aishwarya]...I am not in touch with her for more than one month now. But now suddenly she has come back home and is getting support from my family members...There is definitely a conspiracy behind all this," Tej Pratap had said.

Tej Pratap and Aishwarya had married in May this year


Tej Pratap and Aishwarya had married in May this year

Less than six months ago, on May 14, Tej Pratap had tied the knot with Aishwarya Rai, the daughter of RJD leader Chandrika Rai.

The wedding was an extravagant one, and Tej Pratap's wedding procession comprised 200 cars, horses, and bands.

The wedding saw over 10,000 guests attend, and became the talk of the town when a 'food riot' broke out, and RJD supporters broke cordons and looted food and decorations.

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