All about CBSE Class 10 English Communicative paper


12 Nov 2018

#CBSE2019: All about Class 10 English paper, marking scheme

The CBSE board exams are scheduled to be held in the months of February and March, and many have already started preparing for the exams.

However, it is of prime importance to understand marking schemes and exam patterns to better strategize on how to prepare.

Here, we examine the paper pattern and marking scheme for the Class 10 English Communicative paper.


Overview of the paper and marks distribution

The English Communicative paper will carry a total of 80 marks, divided between three sections - Section A: Reading, Section B: Writing and Grammar, and Section C: Literature.

The Reading section will carry 20 marks, the Writing and Grammar section will carry 30 marks, while the Literature section will carry 30 marks.


How to tackle the Reading section

The Reading section will present students with two passages, and questions from the two passages will carry 8 marks and 12 marks respectively.

The key to tackling this section is to read the passages carefully.

Two things have to kept in mind - first, it's important to understand the essence of a passage and what it means; second, it's important to note details.

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Writing & Grammar

Aptitude and practice are important for Section B

Aptitude and practice are important for Section B

The Writing and Grammar section will carry a total of 30 marks.

The writing section will involve essay/letter writing, and short writing type of questions, which will collectively carry 18 marks.

The grammar section, which accounts for the remaining 12 marks, will comprise fill in the blanks, sentence re-arrangement, and omission type of questions.

Aptitude and practice are crucial to scoring well here.


Read prescribed texts well to tackle the Literature section

The last section, Literature, will have four separate questions, and each question will have an option, thus allowing students the freedom to choose which question they want to answer.

Again, the key to tackling this section is to read the prescribed texts well, understand the essence of the content, and remember details like names of poems, stories, characters, places, etc.

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Class 10 English Communicative

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