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13 Nov 2018

#CareerBytes: How to start preparing for the UPSC exam?

Tips to start UPSC Civil Services preparation

The Indian Civil Services are a dream for lakhs of students and many spend years preparing to crack the UPSC Civil Services Examination or IAS exam.

However, one of the common questions aspirants have is how to begin the UPSC preparation process. Most of the candidates are generally confused about how and where to start.

So, here are some tips to begin UPSC preparation.

In context

Tips to start UPSC Civil Services preparation
Get to know the UPSC basics, exam syllabus, pattern first

Know the Exam

Get to know the UPSC basics, exam syllabus, pattern first

Before getting started with UPSC preparation, candidates need to know and understand everything about the exam, including its purpose, eligibility criteria, requirements, important dates, the syllabus, different stages, and the exam pattern.

The UPSC CSE is conducted in three stages: Preliminary examination, Main exam, and Personal Interview or IAS interview.

Candidates should ideally start preparing a year before they want to appear for CSE.

Prepare a Plan

Start preparation in advance, create a schedule

Once the aspirants have a good understanding of the UPSC syllabus and requirements, they should create a schedule as IAS preparation needs an integrated approach.

They must have a good 10-12 months preparation plan apart from short-term plans and targets in order to be able to cover the vast UPSC syllabus.

Aspirants should follow the daily schedule without fail and manage time better.

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Get the right books, study material for the UPSC exam

Good books

Get the right books, study material for the UPSC exam

UPSC aspirants do not need to buy a lot of books but investing in some essential books and study material recommended by experts and veterans can help them in preparation.

In addition to NCERT books from Classes 6-12 for fundamental concepts, they should collect at least two good books per topic, read and revise them at least twice to boost their memory.

Read the right newspapers and magazines

Reading newspapers and magazines is essential for UPSC preparation. Candidates can create a list of good newspapers, magazines, and books and follow/read them. They can join Facebook groups, Telegram groups, YouTube channels for daily news analysis, newspaper PDFs, book recommendations, e-books, guidance videos, tips etc.


Decide whether coaching classes are for you or not

While joining coaching centers for UPSC preparation could be helpful, it is not necessary for cracking the IAS exam.

In this digital era, aspirants can find the right guidance and required material online. However, they need to be serious, work hard, and dedicate themselves to prepare properly.

They must regularly take mock tests, analyze their performance, and make changes to their preparation process accordingly.

One can also use their smartphone for preparation

UPSC aspirants can also take help of their smartphones in the preparation process. They can download mobile apps, visit UPSC-dedicated websites, or access other useful online resources that provide study material, e-books, preparation tips, previous question papers, practice questions, mock tests, etc.

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What are some useful YouTube channels to prepare for the UPSC exam?

Asked on 14-11-2018 by hardik singh

Answered by NewsBytes

Some of the best YouTube channels to prepare for UPSC are (1) Unacademy, (2)Vision IAS, (3) Study IQ Education, (4) Rau's IAS, (5) Study IAS classes.

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Which is the best online portal for preparation of Uttar Pradesh PSC exam?

Asked on 14-11-2018 by Jivan Maurya

Answered by NewsBytes

For Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC), aspirants can follow websites like: 1) Gradeup (gradeup.co); 2) PSC Prep (pscprep.com); 3) Testbag UPPSC (uppsc.testbag.com); 4) Jagran Josh (jagranjosh.com); and 5) TCYonline (tcyonline.com) among others. These are some of the websites that provide study material, tips, question papers, and other required resources.

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