Mumbai: Minor dies after being fed rat poison


15 Nov 2018

Mumbai: 5-year-old dies after being fed rat poison by mother

In a disturbing incident, a minor boy in Mumbai died on Tuesday after being fed rat poison by his mother.

The incident took place when the mother, 34-year-old Rina Ayare, attempted to commit suicide by consuming rat poison, and fed the same to her son, 5-year-old Harsh.

While Rina has survived and is in a critical condition, Harsh died during treatment.

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Martial discord

Marital discord pushed Rina to attempt suicide

Marital discord pushed Rina to attempt suicide

The events leading up to Harsh's death unfolded on Monday night when Rina got into an altercation with her husband, 40-year-old Rajesh, over meeting daily expenses.

When Rajesh refused Rina the money she needed, an argument followed and Rina left their house in the low-income area of Juhu Tara Road with Harsh, the elder of her two sons.

Suicide attempt

Rina panicked after feeding Harsh the rat poison

Rina then took Harsh to the Juhu beach, and at around 11pm on Monday night, went to a store and purchased rat poison.

She consumed the poison herself and then fed it to Harsh.

However, when Harsh started vomiting uncontrollably, Rina panicked, and rushed him to the Cooper Hospital.

Although she herself was poisoned, she narrated what she had done to the doctors.

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Harsh died of liver failure on Tuesday

Harsh died of liver failure on Tuesday

Subsequently, both Rina and Harsh were admitted and given treatment, and the police were informed about the poisoning case.

However, while Rina responded to the medication and survived, Harsh died of liver failure on Tuesday.

The hospital then informed police of Harsh's passing, and a distraught Rajesh told police about his argument with Rina.

A case has been registered against Rina under the charge of murder.

The rat poison caused 'irreversible' damage to Harsh

"The rat poison caused irreversible damage to Harsh who succumbed to liver failure overnight. Rina's condition is also critical. She will soon be shifted to the medical intensive care unit," said the assistant medical officer of the Cooper Hospital in Juhu.

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