Kerala's Kakkathuruthu Island featured on NatGeo's list

21 Oct 2016 | By Ramya

Kakkathuruthu Island in Kerala's backwaters has made it to 'Around the World in 24 hours' list compiled by the National Geographic.

The list comprises the world's beautiful destinations and is a photographic tour of travel-worthy spots.

The emerald-fringed island also called the "Island of Crows", lies along the state's coast and is known for lush coconut groves, sea-green waters, and absence of tarred roads.

In context: Kerala's tiny Kakkathuruthu Island

IntroductionAbout the Kakkathuruthu Island

Kakkathurthu is a beautiful, pristine and divinely green island in Kerala that adds to the natural beauty of 'God's Own Country'.

Kakkathuruthu in Malayalam means "Tiny Crow Island"; it is only 17 kilometers away from Kochi and is located in Alappuzha district.

It is connected to the mainland only by traditional boats.

Surrounded by Vembanad lake, the island offers a delicate haven for birdwatchers.

Potential tourist destination

In 2014, Kakkathuruthu Island came into limelight after some Travel Tourism students explored unchartered yet potential tourist destinations in Kerala on the occasion of National Tourism Day. The island was said to have a high potential for sustainable and responsible tourism.
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21 Oct 2016Kerala's Kakkathuruthu Island featured on NatGeo's list

Kerala Tourism Minister AC Moideen's statement

"Kerala is known for its rustic beauty and an incredibly picturesque landscape, verdant hills, and quiet backwaters, which attract tourists from across the world. It is a matter of pride for us to be listed by Nat Geo, which is among the leading magazines."
Shadows lengthen, the sky shifts from pale blue to sapphire

The time of duskShadows lengthen, the sky shifts from pale blue to sapphire

Kakkuthuruthu was captured by the National Geographic photographers at 6 pm, the time of dusk, as "the shadows lengthen and the sky shifts from pale blue to sapphire."

The sunset in Kerala was described as a series of rituals including sari-clad women heading home in boats, fishers lighting lamps and casting nets into the lagoon as "bats swoop across the horizon snapping up moths."

Natural endowmentsReaffirmation of Kerala's natural endowments

Kerala Tourism Principal Secretary V Venu said the rewarding recognition of Kakkathuruthu would add to their efforts to introduce and display various other locations.

Kerala Tourism Director UV Jose stated it was "absolutely exhilarating" to see Kakkathuruthu in the travel recommendations.

He added it was a reaffirmation of the coastal state's natural endowments and a recommendation to international tourists for a "tryst" with Kerala.

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Other destinationsOther travel-worthy destinations featured by NatGeo

The list included 5am in Hawaii, 6am in Paris, 7am in San Francisco, 8am in Abu Dhabi, 9am in Melbourne, 10am in Tanzania, 11am in Argentina.

Next were 12pm in Namibia, 1pm in Charleston, 2pm in Portland, 3pm in New Zealand, 4pm in Croatia, 5pm in Tokyo, 7pm in Cuba, 8pm in New York, 9pm in China, 10pm in Budapest, and 11pm in Monaco.

Hunting the aurora borealis in Norway

At 12am, the hunt for the aurora borealis in Norway's northern lights zone was featured. It was followed by 1am at 35,000 feet (taken on a flight), 2am in the Atacama Desert, 3am in Tel Aviv, and 4am in Northern Ireland.