Indian Government plans salary hike for President

26 Oct 2016 | By Mansi Motwani
Pay checks of Country Leaders

The 7th Pay Commission's recommendations place the salary of the Indian President at Rs.1 lakh lesser than the country's highest-tier bureaucrat, the Cabinet secretary.

The Union Home Ministry has reportedly created a proposal for raising the salaries of both President and Vice President.

According to sources, the President's salary would go up to Rs 5 lakh and Vice-President's up to Rs 3.5 lakh.

In context: Pay checks of Country Leaders

BackgroundSalaries of World Leaders

President Barack Obama of the United States receives $400,000 as his annual salary.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel earns a salary of $234,400.

Of the 15 highest paid global leaders, Indian PM Narendra Modi ranks 12th at $30,300 (Rs.19.2 lakh) annually.

Through this timeline, let us take a glance at the salaries and perks of global leaders.

Lee Hsien Loong

At $1.7 million, Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Hsien Loong's salary is the highest of all world leaders, abundant enough to cover pay checks of leaders of India, Brazil, Italy, Russia, France, Turkey, Japan, United Kingdom, South Africa and Germany.
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IndiaSalary of the Indian Prime Minister

In 2012, an RTI (Right to Information) query with regards to the Prime Minister's salary was filed.

After July 2013, results of the same revealed that the PM of India is paid Rs.50,000 per month as his basic salary.

Apart from this, the PM receives Rs.3,000 in sumptuary allowance, Rs.62,000 in daily allowance (Rs.2,000 per day) and Rs.45,000 in MP allowance.

PerksFringe benefits received by the PM of India

While on the move, the PM is surrounded by 5 armoured black BMW X5s.

He travels in a black B7-level armoured 2009 BMW 7 series.

Flights for the PM's foreign visits are operated by Air India; the PM receives a suite with bedroom, a lounge, a six-seater office and SAT phones.

For domestic travel, the PM flies in IAF-operated Boeing Business Jets.

Post retirement

Post the Prime Minister's retirement, he receives free housing in Lutyens Delhi. He is entitled to unlimited train travel, 6 domestic executive-class plane tickets annually and SPG cover for a year.

PresidentSalary of the President of India

Until 1998, the President's salary was a meager Rs.10,000 as per the Second Schedule of the Constitution.

In the year 1998, the President's income was increased to Rs.50,000.

On 11th September 2008, the Parliament of India increased the salary of the President by three times.

Current salary of the Indian President stands at Rs.1.50 lakh per month.

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Perks received by the President of India

The costs of almost everything that the President wants to do are taken care of by the Government. During his tenure, the President stays in the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the largest Presidential Palace in the world. His official state car is an armoured Mercedes Benz S600.

26 Oct 2016Indian Government plans salary hike for President

23 Mar 2017SC deems perks given to former MPs, MLAs 'unreasonable'

The Supreme Court on Wednesday directed the Centre to respond why facilities given to former MPs and MLAs should not be scrapped.

The SC termed the same as "prima facie unreasonable."

The order was passed after listening to a petition by an NGO named 'Lok Prahari', that wanted the government to stop providing unnecessary allowances and perks to former lawmakers from tax payers' money.