Smoke inside IndiGo plane causes emergency landing


11 Dec 2018

IndiGo plane makes emergency landing after smoke detected in cabin

In a terrifying incident, thick smoke spread inside the cabin of a Kolkata-bound IndiGo flight causing it to make an emergency landing.

A video of the catastrophic incident has emerged on microblogging site Twitter showing smoke spreading inside the cabin of flight 6E-327, which was flying from Jaipur to Kolkata last night.

The plane was carrying 136 passengers.

Here's what went down.


Pilots transmitted 'Mayday' call, alerted Air Traffic Control of danger

Pilots transmitted 'Mayday' call, alerted Air Traffic Control of danger

According to sources, IndiGo's new Airbus A320neo was around 45 miles (approximately 72 km) from Kolkata when the pilots transmitted a "Mayday" call on radio.

This indicated to the Air Traffic Control that the aircraft and passengers were in grave danger.

Sources said smoke was detected in the cockpit, cabin, and the lavatory.

The flight then made an emergency landing in Kolkata.

Here is the heart-stopping footage of the incident

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Some passengers were evacuated from a chute at the rear


Smoke inside an aircraft is a life-threatening situation

A senior industry pilot said that smoke in an aircraft is one of the most life-threatening situations "because of the threat of asphyxiation".

Oxygen masks, which drop in the cabin when the pressure in the aircraft decreases, are not designed to completely filter the smoke.

He said only pilots in the cockpits of airliners are equipped with full-face masks to completely filter the smoke.

Past incident

All passengers, crew killed in 1998 in a similar incident

All passengers, crew killed in 1998 in a similar incident

In a similar case in September 1998, all 229 passengers and crew onboard a Swissair MD-11 were killed near the coast of Canada after pilots came across smoke in the aircraft.

After an investigation, it was found that a flammable material triggered fire above the ceiling on the right side of the cockpit.

The fire had spread rapidly and degraded aircraft systems.


IndiGo facing troubles due to new Airbus A320neo aircraft

Meanwhile, IndiGo, India's largest airline, continues to face technical glitches with its brand-new fleet of Airbus A320neo aircraft.

In March, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation had grounded 11 Airbus A320neo airliners, eight of which belonged to IndiGo.

The IndiGo flight involved in yesterday's incident currently remains grounded in Kolkata and the maintenance staff is trying to determine the cause of the smoke.

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