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20 Dec 2018

#HealthBytes: Sex headaches: Causes and treatment

What are sex headaches?

Simply put, a sex headache is a mild to severe pain in the head and neck area, that occurs on account of sexual activity, particularly before or during an orgasm.

In most of the cases, these headaches are nothing serious, but sometimes, they may indicate toward a bigger health issue.

Here are the symptoms, causes and treatment of sex headaches.

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What are sex headaches?
What happens when a sex headache strikes


What happens when a sex headache strikes

There are mainly two types of sex headaches:

1) A dull ache in the head and neck during sexual activity, and 2) a sudden, throbbing headache right before or during the moment of orgasm.

Some people may suffer from both of these types.

Most headaches last at least a few minutes, while some may go on for hours or even a couple of days.


What causes sex headaches?

Any sexual activity that leads to orgasm can cause sex headaches.

Slow-to-build sex headaches may not be due to any underlying conditions, while sudden sex-headaches might be associated with the risk of stroke, coronary artery disease, and inflammation, among other health issues.

Headaches with loss of consciousness, vomiting and neck stiffness are likely to be associated with more serious underlying health problems.

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How to prevent/treat sex headaches


How to prevent/treat sex headaches

Prevention: Sex headaches might be prevented by stopping sexual activity before orgasm, or by taking a more passive role during sex.

Treatment: If there's no underlying cause for your sex-headache condition, your doctor may prescribe regular or occasional medications.

However, in case symptoms prevail in the long-term, medical diagnosis might be carried out by your doctor, through methods of brain-imaging, angiograms, and spinal tap.

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