Atal ji, there is no one like you


25 Dec 2018

#AtalBihariVajpayee: His poems are our guiding light now

Life is a work in progress. Where it ends, death starts. All your life, you step towards death, inch by inch.

One keeps wondering if there is life after death. I am sure there is. You can't lose all the wisdom you have acquired in your life, just because you are dead.

Death certainly can't stop the legends, death won't stop Atal ji! Happy birthday to the leader we need, to the leader we miss.

On optimism

Andhera chatega, suraj nikelga, kamal khilega

Andhera chatega, suraj nikelga, kamal khilega

Independent India's biggest misfortune was one family - they would pass the baton from one member to another as if this beloved country was their family-run business.

With their English mannerisms and media's unwavering support, no body could stand against them.

And then came this tall leader who showed Indians how to dream and how to achieve.

Andhera chata aur suraj nikla!

On struggle

Na haar se na jeet se, kinchit nahi behbeet main

Atalji's real legacy lies in the way he handled the politics of opposition. He spent the maximum time of his political career, sitting on the other side of the fence.

True to his beliefs, he raised the voice of dissent against one and all. And, you know what is the beauty of the man? While opposing everyone, he didn't make any opponents.

In his own words, "Na haar se na jeet se, kinchit nahi behbeet main. Sangharsh path pe jo bhi mila, yeh bhi sahi, woh bhi sahi."

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On the motherland

Swatantra Bharat ka mastak nahi jhukega

Swatantra Bharat ka mastak nahi jhukega

Every action of this 'Bharat Ratna' was centered around Bharat. It is because of him that India is today a nuclear state. Despite not having '56 inch ka seena', he stood against the threats of US and CIA.

While confronting Pakistan, he used a combination of weapons, words and wisdom.

He did everything to make sure bharat ka mastak nahi jhuke.

On life

Geet naya gaata hu main, geet naya gaata hu

This man was a visionary in the truest sense of the word. He held his beliefs strongly, but was ready to adapt at every step.

Gandhis can yell at the top of their voices - India mein computers Rajiv Gandhi laaye, but it was Atalji's vision that changed the face of so many industries - telecom, infrastructure, power, to name a few.

If this is not 'naya geet', I don't know what is.

On death

Laut kar aaunga, main kooch se kyun darun?

Laut kar aaunga, main kooch se kyun darun?

This man's entire life symbolizes courage, and he cheated death several times. But when time came, he left quickly. Even in his death, he has a lesson for us.

Happy birthday, Atalji. Earth is a sadder place as you don't reside here anymore.

Your party needs you, this country needs you and people like us need you. Laut aao.

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