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01 Jan 2019

#HealthBytes: 5 tips to spice-up your sex life in winters

Tips for better sex during winters

During winters, when all you want to do is grab a cup of tea, pile up layers of thick clothing, and never get out of that comfortingly warm blanket, having sex might sound like an insanely arduous task.

However, the body heat you get from a steamy lovemaking session is totally worth it.

Here are 5 tips to spice-up your sex life in winters.

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Tips for better sex during winters
Pull up your socks; Brew some tea

Tips #1,2

Pull up your socks; Brew some tea

Socks: Women wearing socks during an intimate session will not only make them look more desirable and hot, it'll also keep their feet warm, which, as science says, can help score better orgasms.

Tea: Drinking tea before indulging in oral sex is a great idea as it'll right away give those warming sensations to your partner, and make the act all the more enjoyable.

Tips #3,4

Spooning and Sunlight

Spooning: Getting into the spooning position is always a great add-on to your intimate session. And during winters, it will prove to be a game-winner as it enhances body-to-body touch, and provides the partners some much-needed warming up.

Sunlight: Get some sunlight, as and when you get chance. It'll boost up your libido, thus resulting in better sex.

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Tip #5: Oil up!

Warming body oils feels soothing, creates a pleasurable sensation when the weather's cold, and smells amazing. There is a good variety of warming oils available, including eucalyptus, pine, cypress, ginger, orange, among others. However, use only natural, body lubrication-friendly oils that won't cause irritation/infections.

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