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07 Jan 2019

#MuzaffarpurHorror: Girls forced to have sex, dance to vulgar songs

Muzaffarpur: CBI reveals details of abuse girls faced

Months after the abuse meted on girls living inside a government-run shelter home in Muzaffarpur, Bihar came to light, disturbing details have emerged.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), which is probing the case, in its 73-page chargesheet underlined the minor girls were forced to wear revealing clothes and dance to vulgar songs.

They were then raped by owner Brajesh Thakur's 'guests'.

In context

Muzaffarpur: CBI reveals details of abuse girls faced
The horror girls had to face was chilling

The case

The horror girls had to face was chilling

Last year, an audit by Tata Institute of Social Sciences or TISS brought to attention the rampant abuse going on in the house for the last ten years.

Thakur, a politically connected man, ran the home for several years. Along with him, 20 other accused, including the staff and former Bihar minister Manju Verma, were booked for serious crimes under the POCSO Act.


Girls were punished for resisting abuse

The premier investigative agency has found the minors were forced to dance to vulgar Bhojpuri songs, were drugged and forced to lie down.

Those who resisted the abuse were punished. They only got rotis and salt for dinner, the chargesheet said.

However, the chargesheet didn't mention officials who were aware of the abuse but remained oblivious.

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Questions raised on omission of officials

Child rights activist advocate KD Mishra said, "Section 19 of the POCSO Act clearly stipulates that any person having the knowledge of an offense shall provide information to the police. Why the officers did not report the matter?"

The custodians exploited the minors


The custodians exploited the minors

The CBI stated Thakur used to beat girls on their private parts if they refused to have sex with the guests. He abused them too.

Child protection officer Roshan also allegedly exploited the girls. Child Welfare Committee member Vikash Kumar raped the minors after drugging them with sleeping pills.

CWC Chairman Dilip Kumar Verma also abused them. Girls referred to him as 'ganda aadmi'.

Ignoring crime

Others didn't do anything despite knowing of the abuse

There were others who turned a blind eye to the abuse. Rozy Rani, Assistant Director in the Child Protection Unit of the government didn't take action against them.

Dr. Pamila, who was tasked with the minors' health check-ups, offered them abortion pills instead.

After medical tests were conducted, it was learned 34 out of 44 girls were abused for a period of four years.

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