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07 Jan 2019

#HealthBytes: Tips for having sex with a new partner

How to have sex with a new partner

As much as it feels exciting, getting intimate with a new partner can be quite intimidating and pretty stressful.

For starters, there must be a certain level of trust and comfort.

However, there are many factors at play, such as sexual pleasure, communication and safety, that must be taken care of.

Here are general tips for having sex with a new partner.

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How to have sex with a new partner
Be physically and emotionally ready before doing the deed

Be Prepared

Be physically and emotionally ready before doing the deed

Stating the obvious, but being ready for sex, physically as well as emotionally, should be the first thing to consider before getting under the sheets, with someone new.

Not only will it help you get over the nerves, but also assure you plenty of time to arrange necessary precautions for safer, more enjoyable sex- like getting condoms, lubrication etc.

Calm yourself down!

If anxiety and nervousness get to you, take your time and calm yourself down. There's no point going for sex when you're so stressed out. Consider going for a walk, performing yoga or meditation, in order to help yourself relax.

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Go slow, pay attention to foreplay

You might be so nervous that you end up rushing things too soon in bed to 'get done' with it quickly.

But, reaching orgasm shouldn't be your goal- extracting pleasure should be.

And for attaining sexual pleasure, foreplay is crucial. Go slow, and indulge in kissing, touching, and whatever gets you turned on, in order to set the right mood for the climax.

Do not forget the protection


Do not forget the protection

Needless to say, having unprotected sex can put you at the risk of unwanted pregnancy and life-threatening STIs.

So, skipping it isn't really a good idea.

That apart, keeping a condom handy will save you much trouble, as you won't have to rush to get some in the middle of the act, and will eliminate the risk of resorting to unprotected sex.


Silence might be golden, but not so much during sex

Building healthy, open communication with a new partner will go a long way, in contributing to your sex life together.

Communicate before, during, and after sex- talk about what feels good, and what does not. Bring up your fears and fetishes with your partner. It'll enhance both the pleasure and your relationship.

However, constant blabbering isn't needed- moaning, facial expressions, and body-language can help.

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