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14 Jan 2019

Kolkata: 16 puppies murdered in cold-blood leaves city enraged

Puppies murdered in cold-blood leaves Kolkata raging

The cold-blooded murder of 16 puppies has sent shockwaves across Kolkata, and outraged citizens are demanding strict action against those responsible.

The carcasses of the dead puppies were discovered on Sunday afternoon at the campus of a medical college in the city.

However, despite the brutality involved, one puppy and an adult dog, believed to be their mother, survived.

Here are the details.

In context

Puppies murdered in cold-blood leaves Kolkata raging
The crime came to light when an injured dog escaped


The crime came to light when an injured dog escaped

The heinous crime came to light on Sunday afternoon when three waste disposal bags were found in the parking lot of the NRS Medical College and Hospital.

The bags, containing the dead puppies and their presumed dead mother, had been dumped by unknown individuals.

However, when the adult dog, bleeding profusely from a nearly-gouged out eye, tore open a bag and escaped, locals discovered the extent of the brutality.

A first-hand account of the incident

"It was around 3.15pm when I noticed the plastic bags because a dog was making a desperate effort to tear them up. It was bleeding profusely and one eye was heavily damaged," Putul Roy, a hospital staff member who discovered the pups, told TOI.

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17 puppies were dumped, only one survived

Of the 17 puppies that had been dumped inside the bags, two were still breathing when the crime was discovered.

Subsequently, the injured adult dog and the two survivors were rushed to a veterinary clinic where one of the two pups succumbed.

As the news spread like wildfire, enraged citizens, NGOs, and animal rights activists gathered at the spot demanding justice.

A case has been registered and investigations are underway


A case has been registered and investigations are underway

Preliminary investigations indicate that the puppies were brutally beaten and poisoned to death.

Meanwhile, a 25-second video, taken from the building adjacent to the scene of the crime, has shown two women wearing gloves clobbering the puppies to death.

While the identities of the two women are yet to be ascertained, police have registered a case and are probing the inhumane incident.

Those found guilty could face five years in prison

A case has been registered under Section 429 (killing or maiming animals) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), and those found guilty of the crime could face a maximum punishment of five years in prison.

Other details

Civic authorities have promised strict action against the perpetrators

While some activists have claimed the involvement of hospital authorities in the gruesome crime, the NRS Medical College and Hospital has denied the allegations.

The hospital authorities have also formed a three-member team to investigate the incident.

Meanwhile, civic authorities, including the Deputy Mayor of Kolkata has promised that the perpetrators will be brought to justice.

A TMC MLA demands swift, strict action

"I could never imagine in any nightmare that such a barbaric incident can take place. I demand quickest and strictest punishment for those involved in it," Trinamool Congress MLA and animal rights activist Debasree Roy told HT.

Violence against dogs is on the rise in India

Violence against dogs

Violence against dogs is on the rise in India

As unfortunate as it is, violence against animals, especially dogs, have been on the rise in India.

Cases of puppies being flung from rooftops and dogs being set on fire have been reported of late from different corners of the country.

Last November, the Supreme Court pulled up the Sakaleshapura municipality in Karnataka for allegedly getting 350 stray dogs killed.

Killing of stray dogs is illegal across India

As per the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, and the Animal Birth Control Rules, 2001, stray dogs are required to be picked up, vaccinated against rabies, and released in the areas from where they had been captured. Killing is illegal across India.

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