Modi's address on National Press Day

17 Nov 2016 | By Vaneet Randhawa
India celebrates National Press Day

Modi addressing the media at the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Press Council said: "The press is responsible for upholding free-speech."

He said that controlled press was not good for the society.

He said the government should not interfere in the functioning of the media.

However, he added that outside influence on media was unacceptable.

In context: India celebrates National Press Day

IntroductionNational Press Day

In India, 16 November is celebrated by the Indian media as National Press Day.

Press Council of India came into existence on this very day in 1966.

Press Council of India was organized with the goals of preserving the independence of the press and sustaining the standards of newspapers in India.

Indian Press at rank 133

In 2016 World Press Freedom Index carried out by 'Reporters without Borders', India was ranked 133 out of 180 countries.
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17 Nov 2016Modi's address on National Press Day

Modi thanks the media

17 Nov 2016Modi thanks the media

Modi thanked the media for the causes it has supported, like the role played by the media during the Nepal earthquake where it united the nation into help the neighboring country.

He also commended the media for promoting the cleaning initiative by broadcasting the information of sanitation amongst the people of India.

IssuesModi says the journalist murders a 'serious' matter

This year 6 journalists have been murdered in India.

Since 1991, 26 journalists have been killed in Assam.

PM touched upon this issue and expressed his grief on these deaths calling it "serious".

He further said that any such news is worrisome as journalists lose their lives in trying to expose the truth.

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