New party drug hits Indian cities

21 Nov 2016 | By Supriya
There's a new deadly drug in town

A new psychotropic drug has been making an appearance at parties in the city of Bangalore.

The new drug, called NBOMe, is rumoured to be similar to another potent party drug called LSD, and is believed to be harmful enough to catch the eye of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB).

NBOMe has already claimed a lot of lives of youngsters in the west.

In context: There's a new deadly drug in town

What is it?NBOMe

NBOMe, the newest drug, also known as 'N-Bomb', looks a lot like the psychedelic drug LSD as it's sold on blotter paper and not swallowed/snorted.

It gets its nickname by shortening its scientific form of N-methoxybenzyl.

Consuming the drug reportedly leads to bizarre behaviour such as running into moving traffic or other fixed objects like trees, jumping from buildings, cardiac arrest and more.

DetailsMultiple deaths; mass overdoses

N-Bomb has been a massive problem in Europe and North America over the last seven years and showed up in Australia three years ago.

Over the last month, an Australian footballer died after mistaking it for LSD and over 20 people overdosed on it in Gold Coast, Australia.

In 2013, the death of three teenagers was reportedly due to use of NBOMe.

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21 Nov 2016New party drug hits Indian cities

What is LSD?

LSD is one of the most potent mood-changing chemicals. It's derived from the poisonous ergot fungus, a type of mold that grows on certain grains. Its effects can be unpredictable and a tiny amount make a user hallucinate for 12 hours or more.

ComparisonNBOMe and LSD

Blot strips with NBOMe are placed on or under the tongue; narcotics are absorbed into the system and induce hallucinogenic effects.

NBOMe although much cheaper to process than LSD, its hallucinogenic effects are similar to LSD.

Consumers are tricked into buying NBOMe allowing drug-pushers to make huge profits.

One dose of LSD sells for Rs2,000 whereas preparing one dose of NBOMe costs merely Rs300.

HowCracking down on NBOMe

In February 2016, NCB intercepted an international courier to Saudi Arabia and found massive quantities of NBOMe.

The NCB however couldn't charge anyone as NBOMe wasn't on the list of banned narcotic-substances.

NCB's relentless surveillance on NBOMe led to it finally being listed under banned substances.

Security agencies believe NBOMe peddlers are closely linked to drug syndicates in Goa and Maharashtra.

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NCB Director's Statement

"We are closely tracking the NBOMe situation in the city. We will not be in a position to divulge much operational details. We are focusing on the party circuits here and stern action will be taken against those responsible for promoting and selling narcotic substances."