Drunk doctor creates ruckus in Uttarakhand police station


03 Feb 2019

Uttarakhand: Drunk doctor mistakes police station for hotel; creates ruckus

On Saturday, a police station in Uttarakhand witnessed much drama after a drunk doctor walked into it, and threw a ruckus after mistaking it to be a hotel.

Notably, the same doctor was caught drunk driving last year, and given the ruckus he threw inside the police station, the police have registered a case against him.

Here are the details.


The doctor abused the cops at the station

The doctor abused the cops at the station

On Saturday, the doctor, who works at the Srinagar Garhwal medical college, walked into a police station near Dehradun in an inebriated state.

Drunk as he was, he mistook it for a hotel, and started looking for his room.

When the police informed him that he was mistaken, the doctor threw a fit and started abusing the cops at the station.

What the station house officer had to say

"The doctor entered the police station premises and started looking for his room. When we told him that it is a station and not his hotel, he started abusing and misbehaving with the staff on duty," NS Bisht, the station house officer, told TOI.

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More chaos

Seizing the doctor's SUV led to more chaos

Unable to calm the doctor down and send him on his way, police were forced to register a case against him.

They also seized the doctor's SUV, but that only led to more problems.

The doctor refused to leave for the entire duration of the night, demanding that he and his car be released without any legal action.


An inquiry has been initiated against the doctor

An inquiry has been initiated against the doctor

After news of the doctor's behavior reached the Srinagar Garhwal medical college, Dr. Chandra Mohan Rawat, the college's principal, confirmed that the incident had indeed taken place.

He added that an inquiry committee would be set up to investigate the matter, and that appropriate action would be taken against the doctor, if found guilty.

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