Modi bhakts who married each other aren't happy


03 Feb 2019

Modi-bhakts married each other; woman now accuses husband of torture

A few days back, a tweet from a youngster in Gujarat went viral which had a picture of him with a girl, both wearing 'NaMo Again' T-shirts.

He claimed that they got married because of their love towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Now, in a surprising turn of events, the girl has accused the man of torturing her.

Here's what happened.


Jay met girl after she liked his comment supporting Modi

Jay met girl after she liked his comment supporting Modi

Recently, Jay Dave from Jamnagar tweeted a picture addressed to Modi with the caption, "We talked, met and found that we support you (Narendra Modi) and because we both want to live for India, we decided to do it together."

He claimed to have met the girl after she liked his comment on a Facebook page of Rahul Gandhi, where he supported Modi.

However, couple didn't interact much with media

Although the couple's story turned a lot of heads on social media, they kept a low profile and didn't interact much with media. As per reports, they tied the knot in a traditional wedding on December 31, 2018. The marriage was recently registered.

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'Fact is just like Modiji, I'm used to criticism, trolling'

Woman's side

Now, girl alleges Jay used her image without permission

On Saturday, a Twitter user who goes by the handle Alpika Pandey posted a series of tweets revealing "the other side" of Jay's story.

Pandey, who describes herself as a "desh bhakt, fashion designer and voice over artist," on her bio, claimed to be the girl Jay married.

She then alleged him of using her image without her knowledge and consent for his benefit.


Jay, in-laws, allegedly tortured Pandey; she tried committing suicide

Jay, in-laws, allegedly tortured Pandey; she tried committing suicide

"He (Jay) used this (Jay's tweet for Modi) as a means to glorify his image in @BJP and social media," Pandey wrote.

She then continued with some serious allegations accusing her husband and in-laws of torturing her mentally and physically to the extent that she tried committing suicide.

She also clarified that she is 18-year-old and Jay is 29.

'His family supported him in doing so'

'He never respected my personal space'


'Is this what a modibhakt does in name of bhakti?'

Further, Pandey said that she wasn't allowed to go out without a family member accompanying her "in the name of honor".

She added that Jay was extremely doubtful of her loyalty, and would always check everything she did on her phone.

"I seriously doubt if his feelings were true for me. Is this what a #modibhakt does in the name of bhakti," she wrote.


Pandey's parents didn't support her marriage because she was young

Pandey's parents didn't support her marriage because she was young

Pandey told IndiaTimes that the harassment began just few days after marriage.

"He wouldn't even allow me to speak to my parents. When I started facing the problems, I had to text my mom while I was inside the bathroom," Pandey said.

She added that her parents didn't support the marriage initially because she was very young, however, Jay pressurized her into it.

Pandey had known Jay for only six months before marriage

Pandey revealed that she had known him for only six months before marriage. She returned to live with her parents in Bengaluru on Friday. Also, ever since she posted the story on Twitter, she said her in-laws have been pressurizing her to delete it.

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