No probe against PM Modi for graft

27 Nov 2016 | By Supriya

The Supreme Court has refused to initiate a probe into graft allegations against PM Modi.

Computerized inventories were unearthed during tax raids of large business houses in 2013-14 that suggested pay-offs were made to PM Modi when he was Gujarat CM; other senior government officials were named as well.

Seized documents were brought to light when a whistle-blower delivered them to a SC advocate.

In context: Supreme Court refuses to order probe against PM

BackgroundGraft allegations against politicos

In 2013-2014, offices of Sahara and Aditya Birla group were raided by the income-tax department.

During the course of the raids, documents were found that suggested hefty pay-offs of Rs.65 crore were made to "Gujarat CM".

Opposition leaders have claimed bribes were made to PM Modi before 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

Documents seized contained names of several politicians who were also allegedly bribed.

StatusLegal proceedings

Documents seized during the income-tax raids were delivered to Senior Advocate Prashant Bhushan by a whistle-blower.

Bhushan then transmitted these to an NGO 'Common Cause'.

Common Cause filed a PIL in the Supreme Court; the petition claimed bribing of public functionaries had been given a "quiet burial by the IT-Department."

They've asked for a Special Investigation Team to probe the alleged hefty pay-offs.

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27 Nov 2016No probe against PM Modi for graft

Supreme Court tosses out petition

WhySupreme Court tosses out petition

The Supreme Court termed the document produced by Common Cause and Counsel Prashant Bhushan as "fictitious" and "not authentic".

The SC bench claimed any one could mention names of high-profile individuals to divert intention.

Supreme Court bench instructed the petitioners to come back when they had more "credible evidence" as the current evidence presented did not "arouse their conscience."

Supreme Court bench's statement

"We are not shying away from hearing the case but something authentic must be placed before us. Documents seized from the premises of Birla and Sahara groups are nothing. These are zero. You must bring credible evidence".