5 common breakfast mistakes you should avoid


10 Feb 2019

5 breakfast mistakes to avoid, to get a flat tummy

On a busy morning, ignoring the dining table might seem like the only way out, but it's a disaster for your long-term health.

Breakfast is called the most important meal of the day, not for nothing!

For starters, it provides your body and brain with the much-needed energy, after an overnight fast.

Here are 5 breakfast mistakes to avoid, to get a flat tummy.

Mistake 1

Skipping or delaying breakfast

Skipping or delaying breakfast

A lot of people tend to skip or delay breakfast, on a daily basis. This is not a healthy routine.

In fact, eating breakfast regularly reduces your chances of becoming overweight.

It is advisable to eat breakfast within 1 hour of getting up, as it helps maintain your circadian rhythm, and boosts your metabolism, early in the day, which is crucial for burning belly-fat.

Mistake 2

Not packing enough protein

Munching on the first thing that comes to sight? Not a good idea!

It is important to eat breakfast mindfully.

If planned right, breakfast can help brush off the urge for unhealthy snacking for a good number of hours to come.

So, pack your breakfast with plenty of protein to stay full for long.

Healthy, protein-rich breakfast options include eggs, yogurt, whole-grains, and nuts.

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Mistake 3

Forgetting the fiber

Forgetting the fiber

In order to lose weight, the key is to keep yourself satiated with the right food items, so you don't fall for the wrong ones, out of hunger.

That is why, filling up your breakfast plate with enough fiber (at least 8 grams) is recommended.

Some of the best high-fiber breakfast choices are oatmeal, whole-grain toasts, and fruit smoothies/juices, among others.

Mistake 4

Not controlling portion size

One common mistake people tend to make is not focusing on the size of their breakfast meal.

Eating too less wouldn't satisfy your hunger, and having too much will hinder your work and productivity.

On an average, a healthy person should extract 350-500 calories from the morning meal.

However, this is an ideal case scenario.

If you don't feel like, don't force yourself.

Mistake #5: Not keeping apt time between breakfast and lunch

According to health experts, there should ideally be a difference of 5-6 hours between your breakfast and lunch timing. This will help in shedding unwanted kilos.

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