Tips for CBSE Class-10 students to boost memory


11 Feb 2019

#CBSE2019: Memory tips and tricks for Class 10 students

The 2018-19 CBSE board exams for Class 10 will begin from 21 February and with less than two weeks left, students must be well-prepared by this time.

Board exam preparation can be a stressful time and one of the biggest challenges is memorizing a lot of information across subjects/topics.

To help students retain large amounts of information, here are some memory tips and tricks.


Written practice is importance; reading out loud could help

Written practice is importance; reading out loud could help

Some students might struggle to memorize information properly, despite preparing and revising well. Lack of written practice could be one of the reasons behind this.

So, students can write as they read to memorize better; also highlighting important words and lines can help.

For such students, reading out loud while studying something could also help them retain the lessons and information for long.


Practice and revise as many times as possible

The importance of regular practice and proper revision cannot be emphasized enough. Students may not be able to remember what they have study if it is not registered in their mind properly.

But if they practice and revise regularly, retaining and retrieving information becomes easier.

Also, written practice and solving previous papers or sample papers can help them train their brain to retain information.

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#3: Students can try studying in a group, too

Studying in a group can also help students enhance their learning experience as it allows interacting with others, discussing ideas, and improving retention power. To ensure that they understand and remember everything, students can also teach or explain concepts to others.


Mind mapping and preparing flashcards, notes, charts can help, too

Mind mapping and preparing flashcards, notes, charts can help, too

Students should make notes of important points while studying something as it can be useful in quick revision. Mind mapping to visually organize information and preparing charts, flash cards, and diagrams can help remember important concepts, figures, formulae, historical events, definitions, and other data.

Watching videos or documentaries on the topics or subjects they are studying can help students remember key details better.


Maintain good health, overcome stress to boost memory

Maintaining good health and eating healthy food while preparing for exams is important to enhance memory.

Students should overcome stress to concentrate properly and boost their memory. They must avoid studying continuously for long hours and take breaks, relax, and get sufficient sleep.

They can include memory-boosting food items like almonds, walnuts, green and leafy vegetables, berries, and dark chocolate in their diet.

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