Do Indians really want anything special on V-Day?


14 Feb 2019

50% Indians don't want anything special on V-Day: Survey

We know how Indian aashiqs love to express their feelings through teddy bears, flowers, and romantic dates, courtesy projection of 'love' in Bollywood, but a recent survey by dating app OkCupid revealed startling results.

It says over half of the Indians don't want anything special on V-Day.

And, it's not because they fear Bajrang Dal, it's probably because non-romantics have outnumbered the romantics (finally?).


Only 33% men want their partners to do something special

Only 33% men want their partners to do something special

OkCupid surveyed around 200,000 and found that 53% women and 58% men couldn't care less about their partners doing anything special today.

While 7% women and 9% men absolutely don't want anything special, 40% women and 33% men said they do want their partners to make the day remarkable.

Notably, OkCupid uses an algorithm to pair users based on their answers to the questions.

'Women today are far more pragmatic, not over-the-top about V-Day'

A statement by the dating app said today's women are "more pragmatic". "The responses received on the app clearly break away from the stereotype and tell us that women today are far more pragmatic and definitely not over-the-top about Valentine's Day," it said.

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Tinder is go-to app to find a date on V-Day

Despite OkCupid's survey results, Valentine's Day marks one of the busiest days for dating apps.

And Tinder tops the list.

YouGov India, a global market research platform based in Mumbai, surveyed 1,025 respondents between January 29 and February 4 about their Valentine's Day plans and nearly 17% of them chose Tinder as their go-to app to find a partner on the occasion.


Tinder popular in North India, OkCupid in South

Tinder popular in North India, OkCupid in South

Tinder was followed by Happn (8%), TrulyMadly and Woo (both 7%).

"The popularity of Tinder is notable among men and younger people under 30, with 22% of them saying they currently use or have used this app to meet people," YouGov told media.

The survey also showed that Tinder is popular in the north Indian states, while in the south, people prefer OkCupid.


Most people want to gift, expect low-budget gifts like flowers

Interestingly, the survey showed that most people (40%) don't wish to spend a lot on Valentine's Day and also expect medium-priced gifts like chocolates and flowers.

However, 33% women do expect jewelry and 18% men want to present jewelry as the Valentine's Day gift this year.

Meanwhile, one in four women wished for a holiday as a gift this day.

25% people want to shop Valentine's Day gifts online

When it comes to the source of the gifts, most people (25%) like to shop online. While 15% people would buy from local shops and 13% from gifting stores like Archies, 16% would go an extra mile and make something for their partners.


After dinner date, people want to watch shows online

After dinner date, people want to watch shows online

The most popular dating idea among Indians (25%) for today was a dinner date.

This was followed by 16% wanting to watch movies and/or shows on Netflix/Amazon Prime Video.

"The growing popularity of video-streaming and OTT (over-the-top) platforms is evident in that fact that 16% respondents are going to celebrate Valentine's Day watching movies or online content with their partners," YouGov's report noted.

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