Diet tips to stay healthy during Board exams


23 Feb 2019

CBSE Boards: Diet-tips to beat stress, stay healthy during exams

The CBSE Board exams for classes 10 and 12 have started.

During this crucial time, students are under tremendous pressure to perform well, which ultimately brings them anxiety and stress.

Not just that, examinees also tend to be quite careless about their meals, which is wrong.

Here are some handy diet tips one should follow to beat the exam stress, and stay healthy.

Tip #1

Eat smart

Eat smart

Studying smart is necessary, but that's pretty obvious.

You also need good mental and physical health to back up your exam preparation.

So, make sure to eat often, in a smart way.

How come, you ask? By eating smart, we mean that you need to take in smaller meals, but at regular intervals. Also, ensure good supply of a wide range of nutrients.

Tip #2

Mind your breakfast!

Forget what we just said about small meals.

The rule doesn't apply to the first meal of the day.

Make your breakfast plate big and nutritious. Breakfast, if done right, will give you sustained energy for the long study sessions, or for the three-hour exam window.

Remember, skipping or delaying breakfast is a sin for your health, and more so, during exam time.

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Tip #3

Do snacking the right way

Do snacking the right way

A lot of students tend to stick to unhealthy snacking while immersed in exam preparation. They often contain high sugar and fat.

Naturally, such health-ruining snacks must be avoided.

Instead, one should aim for healthy and nutritious snacks in between meals.

Some examples for healthy snacking options include nuts, eggs, oatmeal, sprouts, popcorn, among others.

Tip #4

Eat mindfully

You might want to solve a new sample test, or read a fresh chapter while having your meal, and 'save' time. But it's not a good idea for your health.

Just like, being distracted while studying ruins your quality of learning- distraction while eating prevents you from knowing when you are full, thus making you prone to overeating.

We suggest to keep a fixed slot of time for having your meals.

Tip #5: Stay hydrated

Diet advice isn't all about eating. A lot of students, during exams, tend to ignore drinking enough water. This isn't at all desirable, as dehydration makes you lousy and may spoil your concentration. So, make sure to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water everyday.

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