Food items that improve Hemoglobin levels


01 Mar 2019

#HealthBytes: 8 food-items that help boost Hemoglobin levels

Found in the red blood cells, Hemoglobin is a protein, responsible for transporting oxygen around the body.

Additionally, it helps carry Carbon dioxide out of the cells, and into the lungs, from where it gets released out of the body as the person exhales.

Low Hemoglobin levels can hinder one's body from carrying out these functions.

Here are 8 food-items that boost Hemoglobin levels.


Spinach and Beetroot

Spinach and Beetroot

Spinach: Rich in calcium, Vitamins- A, B9, E, and C, iron, fiber, and beta carotene, Spinach is highly potent for fighting iron-deficiency, and can help increase blood in the body.

Beetroot: Filled with iron content, Beetroot can help repair and reactivate red blood cells. It can effectively boost oxygen supply in the body. You can add it to your salads, or prepare its juice.


Red meat and Seafood

Red meat: Lamb, beef, and other red meat are considerably high in iron content, and Vitamin B12. Consuming them on a regular basis will help increase hemoglobin content, fight anemia, and keep you fit.

Seafood: Fatty fishes such as salmon, and tuna, and other seafood such as mussels, and oyesters are great for boosting hemoglobin, and fighting anemia, because of their richness in iron.

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Pomegranates and Nuts

Pomegranates and Nuts

Pomegranates: Rich in Vitamin C, and iron content, pomegranates help improve blood flow in the body, and reduce major anemic symptoms such as weakness, dizziness, exhaustion and loss of hearing.

Nuts: Munch on a handful of pistachios, apricots and other health-boosting nuts to increase hemoglobin levels in your body, fight anemia, and stay healthy in the long run.


Apples and Dates

Apples: Packed with Vitamin C and iron, apples are great for reducing risk of anemia, and improving hemoglobin levels, and healthy blood flow in the body.

Dates: Eat about 10 dates on a daily-basis to brush off risk of falling sick to anemia. This is so because dates contain rich amounts of iron, thus reducing anemia-related symptoms such as dizziness and weakness.

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