Kashmiri youth bringing in a mobile-revolution

09 Dec 2016 | By Supriya

Mobile television, although very popular in other parts of the country, has recently made an impressive foray into Kashmir.

Tariq Bhat, a young Kashmiri, has recently introduced mobile television to the state - Asia News Network - in the form of an android mobile application.

The mobile TV station is located and operated from Srinagar and transmits programs in several languages.

In context: Mobile revolution by Kashmiri youth

BackgroundMobile services in Kashmir

Mobile telephone services were introduced in India in 1995 but were not permitted in Jammu and Kashmir until late 2003 because of security concerns.

It was state-owned BSNL that was the first operator to bring mobile telephony to J&K.

The first call was received by the then PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee in Delhi from J&K Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed in Srinagar.

Tariq Bhat

Tariq Bhat is a young man from Kashmir. He holds a degree in mass communications and was the first to start Kashmir's online radio app 'City FM JK' with a catchy tag line 'Panun Radio, Panun Style' (Our Radio, Our style).
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09 Dec 2016Kashmiri youth bringing in a mobile-revolution

Asia News Network Mobile app

AboutAsia News Network Mobile app

According to Tariq Bhat, the 'Asia News Network' application will broadcast programs in multiple languages such as Kashmiri, Urdu, English and Hindi.

A diverse range of programs such as songs, current affairs, news, entertainment programs will be accessible to viewers.

The mobile television application is available on Google Play Store.

It has already been downloaded 79,000 times.

Bridge the gap

The mobile television application currently has a small team of 8 people. Tariq and his team hope that the mobile TV app will bridge the gap between the local government and the youth of Kashmir.