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12 Mar 2019

Can media stop its false narrative of rising Hindu terror?

Hinduphobia: Liberal media and its dirty games

Chaos, by definition, is a state of extreme confusion and disorder.

Put 10 cats and mice together in a room, and you get a chaotic situation. Now, replace mice with Hindus and cats with pseudo liberals, and you get "planned chaos".

Confused? Here's how it works.

Pick one religion which is, by and large, peaceful and prosperous. Find faults in that religion, attack it ruthlessly. When some people get offended and react immaturely, keep chasing them. Call them intolerant. Set the narrative. And, you get a chaotic society.

In context

Hinduphobia: Liberal media and its dirty games

Disclaimer: This article has been written by an upper-caste Hindu

Religion is like romantic love - it may not be perfect, you may not want it around all the time, you sometimes want to run away from it but you end up coming back to it to seek solace. And you know it is flawed.

Dimwit but impressionable Bollywood leads the pack

Step 1

Dimwit but impressionable Bollywood leads the pack

So, how does bashing of Hinduism happen? It is a big mafia, and far more sinister than you can imagine.

They will make an innocent ad featuring kids, release it before a Hindu festival, add small doses of religion bigotry to it. Or they will show a New York based terrorist with a rudraksh, with secular Priyanka Chopra championing the cause.

In isolation, there is absolutely nothing wrong in it. But, when it happens strategically, there is a pattern.

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The numbers speak for themselves

Here are some numbers by a study conducted by Dheeraj Sharma, IIM Ahmedabad professor. His team selected 50 films from each decade, from 1960 to 2010.

58% of the corrupt politicians in films were Hindu Brahmins.

62% of the corrupt businessmen were from Hindu Vaishya caste.

74% films presented Sikh characters as laughable.

However, 84% of Muslim characters were shown as strongly religious and honest.

Hep Indians start thinking Hinduism is regressive

When you are in your early 20s, you question everything around yourself. And rightly so. But, the problem is when your go-to source (including your course books) is partial, biased and incomplete. You equate coolness to bashing religion, and the only religion you bash is Hinduism. Because, that's what is fed to you.

Then, media brings bigotry on your feed, TV screens, bedroom

Step 2

Then, media brings bigotry on your feed, TV screens, bedroom

Bollywood does 70% of the job, effectively. The remaining 30% is done by liberal media.

They peddle lies, defy laws of Biology by talking about semen filled balloons (who can produce that much semen, Ms. Ghose?), call out the regressive practices of Hinduism, bring caste angle to every "discourse", and call you intolerant.

End result? You are rattled.

But, there's more to it.

Let the woman decide, how does her religion matter?

Step 3

The case of false equivalents

By now, they have collectively established that Hinduism is regressive and Hindus are intolerant. Yes, Hinduism is regressive like most religions are. Yes, some Hindus are intolerant, like people are.

The main game begins now - the technique of false equivalents.

They compare the terrorists of Pakistan with mob lynchers, fringe elements of India. And, then they start talking about "Hindu terror". And, bravo, the chaos cycle is complete.

The three pronged approach

In summary, it is a three pronged approach. First, prove Hinduism is regressive. Second, keep attacking the religion relentlessly to prove all Hindus are religious and intolerant. Third, bring the angle of Hindu terror out of nowhere.

And, what should we do


And, what should we do

Religion, like romantic love, is deeply personal and extremely flawed. You gain nothing when you shove it down people's throat, or try to prove yours is better than others.

You don't need to defend it, or boycott companies/people when they rattle you. You may correct them when they peddle lies. But, that's about it.

You should rather put it in your closet, and open it when you are alone.

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