Phones of Members of Parliament stolen

10 Dec 2016 | By Mansi Motwani

In two different incidents, the iPhones of Sitaram Yechury, Communist Party of India (Marxist) MP and Rama Devi, BJP MP were stolen from the Parliament.

Both incidents occurred during the afternoon lunch break.

TV Thomas, Yechury's secretary complained to the police according to whom the matter is very sensitive and an investigation into the same is ongoing.

In context: Data thieving of politicians

What is Data theft?

Stealing computer-based information from an unknowing victim with the intention of breaching their privacy and/or obtaining confidential information is known as data theft.

07 Dec 2016IP addresses from 5 countries discovered in Rahul Gandhi's hacking

The Delhi police's cyber crime cell reported that Rahul Gandhi's and Congress's Twitter handles were hacked into from five different countries: Sweden, Romania, Canada, Thailand and USA.

Rahul Gandhi's Twitter handle was hacked on 30th November and was used to send out derogatory messages on the micro-blogging website.

A day after that, Congress's Twitter handle was hacked and similar profanities were hurled.

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10 Dec 2016Phones of Members of Parliament stolen

How did this happen?

DetailsHow did this happen?

Sitaram Yechury's iPhone was stolen when he was in room number 135-136 of the Parliament House.

The phone had his personal number.

On the other hand, Rama Devi's iPhone was stolen in room number 7 of the Parliament.

In her complaint, Devi alleged, "I searched for my phone everywhere but couldn't find it anywhere. I suspect my phone might have been stolen and misused."

The police

The police said, "Investigations are on and efforts are being made on recovering the phones as early as possible. Anyone's phone may have personal documents, images and other things. Calls were also made to his number but it was switched off."