How to maintain good heart health


14 Mar 2019

#HealthBytes: Tips to keep your heart healthy

Heart disease is one of the most dangerous health conditions around the globe.

They include high blood pressure, stroke, cardiac arrest, among others.

Heart disease could be difficult to cope with. However, certain lifestyle and dietary changes can significantly help lower your risk of getting one.

Here are 5 simple tips to keep your heart healthy and happy.


Eat a balanced and clean diet

Eat a balanced and clean diet

Taking a healthy and balanced diet shall go a long way in ensuring good heart health.

It is advisable to lower down your intake of bad fats to steer clear of heart disease risk.

Also, limit your intake of salty foods, and minimize junk as much as possible.

Aim for more whole grains, fruits and veggies on a daily basis to keep your heart young.


Exercise regularly and religiously

An inactive or sedentary lifestyle can, in the long term, lead to heart disease.

That's why it is important to exercise regularly to maintain good heart health.

Regular exercise will help regulate your heart rate, reduce cholesterol, and improve artery health.

Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise on a daily basis.

Simple aerobic exercises like biking, walking can help.

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Eating clean and exercising key to maintaining a healthy weight

Eating clean and exercising will help you maintain a healthy weight and Body Mass Index (BMI). This is extremely crucial for maintaining good heart health because obesity is a virtual invitation to a host of heart disease such as stroke, high blood pressure etc.


Get rid of stress

Get rid of stress

Needless to say, mental health and physical health go hand in hand.

Stress is one of the major triggers that can lead to heart disease.

So, slow down a bit from time to time, and just relax!

To ward off stress and anxiety, perform relaxing activities regularly, such as meditation, going out for walks, or anything that works for you.


Get enough rest

Studies suggest that a lack of sufficient sleep might significantly increase your risk of getting a stroke or heart attack. So, it becomes crucial to get quality, night-time sleep regularly.

Assure yourself sound sleep of at least 7-9 hours on a daily basis to ward off risk of heart health issues.

Also, build a consistent daily sleep-schedule.

Quit smoking

Smoking is downright dreadful for your health. Long term consumption of tobacco might ruin your heart health. So, aim to limit your number of smokes, or better off, get rid of it completely.

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