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19 Mar 2019

Five schools in India that are unique and innovative

List of some innovative schools in India

Education is an important part of life that enables growth and development of one's mind and intellect.

Today's education system is being criticized for overburdening children and encouraging rote-learning rather than actual learning.

However, there are some schools that are changing the idea of education, focusing on learning in their own unique and innovative manner.

Here are some unique and innovative schools in India.

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List of some innovative schools in India
Vega School, one of the most innovative schools


Vega School, one of the most innovative schools

Vega School, Gurugram is among the most innovative schools, designed scientifically to focus on real learning.

It's aimed at revamping the education system, eliminating outdated practices to make school a "joyful place" for sharing knowledge, information, new experiences, and engaging in problem-solving and learning.

With specially-designed open classrooms, it "looks beyond academic excellence" and focuses on 5 values: empathy, integrity, excellence, collaboration, and innovation.


This school provides quality education to the underprivileged through museums

Parvarish - The Museum School in Bhopal is truly an innovative school as it reduces the inequality in education in a unique manner. It provides quality education to underprivileged children through local museums.

The school provides access to high-quality infrastructure by collaborating with a number of museums.

It uses museums as schools, museum exhibits as teaching aids, and trainee teachers (BEd students) as teachers.

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#3: The 'floating' Loktak lake school in Manipur

The Loktak lake school in Manipur is a floating school on the ancient, freshwater lake of Loktak. It was started to provide education to high school dropouts as well as children of fishing community members who couldn't go to other schools away from their village.

Yellow Train School in Tamil Nadu


Yellow Train School in Tamil Nadu

Yellow Train School in Tamil Nadu's Coimbatore focuses on the development of the students rather than textbooks and lessons. The school, which defines itself as "a progressive school", is located on an organic farm.

The school says, "Amidst green fields, orchards, amla groves, cows, peacocks, and loving teachers, children learn and grow joyfully. Our academic program is intensive and creative aiming at excellence."

#5: Levelfield Schools in West Bengal are unique

Levelfield Schools in West Bengal aim to provide affordable and high-quality education in non-metro cities. They impart world-class education, providing a "level playing field" to students. With minimum use of textbooks and outdoor classrooms, students are encouraged to learn together through puzzles, games, and discussions.

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