A woman's guide to safe sex


31 Mar 2019

#HealthBytes: A woman's guide to safe sex

A satisfying and safe sex-life is vital to a couple's overall mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Practising safe sex is crucial as it helps keep the risk of dreadful STIs (Sexually transmitted infections) and that of unwanted pregnancy at bay.

And, just like everything else in a relationship, women should be equal partners in ensuring sexual-safety.

Here's everything one needs to take care of.


Always use protection, always!

Always use protection, always!

The most important aspect of practising safe sex is to always use protection, every time you indulge in a sexual encounter, irrespective of whether you go for intercourse or not.

Condoms are usually recommended, as they perform the dual task of reducing risk of STIs as well as that of unwanted pregnancy.

So, buy some in advance and keep them handy, before every bedtime session.


Talk things out

Communication is must to ensure safe sex.

If you're doing the deed with a new partner, the two of you must share your respective sexual health histories, to stay on the safe end.

Even if none of you is infected, talk about what does and doesn't feel good. Bring up your fears and fetishes with your partner. It'll enhance both the pleasure and your relationship.

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Maintain good sexual hygiene

Maintain good sexual hygiene

It is of utmost importance to take care of hygiene before and during sex.

It is advisable to always have sex in clean and tidy surroundings, and make sure the toys, if any, are clean.

Plus, women are advised to take a trip to the washroom after sex, to avoid risk of UTI.

Additionally, a couple must use fresh underclothing, and keep wipes handy.

Oral sex

Tips for safe oral sex

To ensure safe oral sex, follow these simple tips:

While practising oral sex on penis, always use a non-lubricated latex or polyurethane-based condom.

Further, while having oral sex involving the vagina or the anus, use a dental dam.

In case a dental dam isn't available, cut open a condom to create a square and apply to mouth to create barrier while having oral sex.

Get tested regularly

If you're sexually active, especially if with more than one partner, it becomes vital for you to get tested regularly for STIs. Signs and symptoms may take a while to show- so don't wait for them. If you're infected, seek treatment as soon as possible.

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