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14 Apr 2019

#HealthBytes: Tips for great oral hygiene

Oral health tips

Your mouth is where you get all your nutrition from. It's the first gateway your food passes from.

And for that very reason, maintaining a healthy, long-term oral hygiene becomes vital for your overall good health.

Not only is bad dental hygiene detrimental to your health, it also affects your self-esteem and confidence.

So, for whiter, shinier, and stronger teeth, follow these tips.

In context

Oral health tips



Simply heading to the washbasin and quickly wiping your brush over your set of thirty-two won't get you good-looking teeth. Brush thoroughly, up-down, left-right, and at the back of the teeth as well, for good 2-3 minutes, and rinse thoroughly after that.

Further, you should look to brush your teeth atleast twice every 24 hours, if bad breath and yellowness are to be avoided.



Talking of dental health-friendly diet, one should look to minimize their consumption of acidic drinks- sodas and alcohol, as they may lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

Goes without saying, tobacco consumption is extremely bad for your dental hygiene.

Additionally, you should limit your sugar intake as well. Bacteria in dental plaque can convert sugars into acid.

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Floss and toothpaste


Floss and toothpaste

Always make sure to use a fluoridated toothpaste, as it helps harden tooth enamel, and reduces risk of decay.

But, brushing is good for cleaning the surface of your teeth, it alone can't do wonders to your oral hygiene.

So, to get the food residue and other harmful substances out of the spaces between your teeth, floss should be regularly and thoroughly used.


Dental trips

Your teeth aren't (technically) meant to be used for purposes other than, of course, eating.

So, just stop using them for opening bottle tops, and cracking nuts- doing so puts your teeth at risk of chipping and breakage.

Also, for ensuring long-term dental well-being, regular dental check-ups and oral cleaning are a must.

Remember those childhood dental trips? Get back to them again!

Other handy tips


Other handy tips

Include more teeth-friendly food items such as nuts, apples, and cheese in your diet.

Notably, your tongue can harbor bacteria as well, so don't forget that part. Wipe it well with your toothbrush while brushing, or use a tongue cleaner to maintain its hygiene.

Additionally, you could also consider using a natural, anti-bacterial mouthwash (as prescribed by your dentist) for better oral heath.

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