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15 Apr 2019

#HealthBytes: 5 best cooling food items for the summer season

Best cooling food items for summers

The summer has arrived! During the hot season, it is vital to eat a healthy diet to stay fit and cool.

Certain food items should be taken, such as those that help in hydration, while others that induce heat and dehydration must be avoided.

Here are five best cooling food items to help you stay healthy, this summer season.

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Best cooling food items for summers



Sweet and juicy, watermelon is a treat to have during summertime.

But, there's more to them than just good taste- watermelons are 92% water, thus are great for keeping you hydrated and cool, satisfying hunger, without piling up many calories.

Also, loaded with essential vitamins, they can help protect you from risk of low blood pressure and cardiovascular disease, among other health issues.



Good old tomatoes are rich in powerful antioxidants, Vitamin C, and water content. Thus, they are great for reducing inflammation, and keeping you cool and hydrated.

Furthermore, the presence of antioxidant lycopen in tomatoes has various health benefits - these include protection of skin from harmful UV rays, slowing down aging process, and fighting heart disease, stroke, memory loss etc.

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With as much as 95% water content, cucumbers are incredibly hydrating, and therefore make for a great food option for the summer season.

Also, loaded with fiber, cucumber in summers will help keep risk of digestive health issues like constipation at bay.

So, snack on them, or add to your juices, to reap its various amazing health benefits.



Tasty and tangy berries (read strawberries, blueberries, blackberries) aren't just good for satisfying taste buds, they are healthy too.

Loaded with vital vitamins and antioxidant power, they will help boost your immunity, fight radical damage, and keep your hunger satisfied. Plus, they'll keep you cool and hydrated.

So, add them to your salads, or toss them over your desserts (custards, cakes etc.) this summer.




Refreshing, hydrating, and amazingly cool, Yogurt is the go-to summer superfood, as it supplies you with plenty of protein, keeps you full, and also saves you from unwanted calories. Further, the presence of live bacteria makes it a boon for your digestive health.

Additionally, loaded with essential vitamins and minerals, it can help boost immunity, improve bone health, and boost up your mood.

Staying hydrated is foremost

Staying hydrated is of utmost importance during the hot and humid summer season. Make sure to drink plenty of water. Also, keep sipping on healthy, hydrating drinks. Some of the best options are coconut water, milk, iced tea, lemon juice, among others.

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