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17 Apr 2019

#HealthBytes: Ayurvedic recipes to stay healthy during seasonal change

Ayurvedic diet for seasonal changes

This time of the year marks massive seasonal transition, as we are slipping into summers.

Seasonal change can be dangerous as it increases our risk of falling prey to infections.

Ayurveda suggests that we must amend our diet and lifestyle according to the season.

Here are Ayurvedic recipes and other tips to help you stay healthy during seasonal change period.

In context

Ayurvedic diet for seasonal changes
Chana and coconut balls


Chana and coconut balls

To prepare them, you will need roasted chana (1 cup), dates (1/4 cup), and dried coconut (1 tablespoon).

To begin with, remove the brown skin of the chana, de-seed the dates, and grind them in a grinder.

Next, take the mixture, and make balls from it using your hands. Finally, coat with the dried coconut, and these tasty balls are good to go.


Ratalu balls

Start by washing and cutting the roots in big pieces, then steam Ratalu for 20-30 minutes, and sweet potatoes for 15 minutes. Once steamed well, peel and grate them.

Next, heat oil in a pan, and add mustard seeds, sesame seeds, finely chopped garlic and coriander leaves, and cook for a minute. Add raisins and mashed roots.

Mix well, then cook for five minutes.

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Amazingly cool and refreshing, Thandai is a treat to have during summertime. Here's the recipe:

You will need milk, coriander seeds, green cardamoms, skinned almonds, sugar, rose water, and rose petals.

Start by roasting spices lightly on a tawa. Next, soak all ingredients (other than milk) in water, for two hours.

Then, grind it into a thick paste. Add milk, and blend.


Other helpful dietary tips

During the summer season, it is vital to eat a healthy and hydrating diet in order to stay cool and healthy. It is advisable to have fruits and veggies on a daily basis. Also, eat food items rich in water content.

Some of the healthiest picks include watermelon, tomatoes, cucumbers, berries, yogurt, among others. Furthermore, drink plenty of water and hydrating drinks.

Essential tips to stay healthy during summers


Essential tips to stay healthy during summers

The dry and warm summer season is a virtual invitation to a number of health issues, like sunburn, dehydration, heat stroke, eye damage, diarrhea, flu, and other infections.

To stay protected, follow these tips: 1) Exercise regularly, 2) Take proper rest on a daily basis, 3) Stay hydrated all the time, 4) Apply sunscreen and wear protective eyegear (like sunglasses) whenever you head out.

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