Natural home remedies to cure acne


19 Apr 2019

#HealthBytes: 5 home remedies to cure acne in 3 days

Hands down the most common skin problem out there is of acne. It affects nearly 85% of the world population at some point in their lives or other.

Medical treatment could be heavy on pocket and may also have dangerous side-effects.

That's why people tend to look for easy, natural home-remedies to treat it.

Here are 5 natural home remedies to cure acne quickly.




Honey, given its powerful antioxidant nature, is an amazingly effectively acne-treating home remedy.

One way you can use it is by applying half-a-teaspoon of it over the affected areas.

Alternatively, you can also prepare a face-pack by mixing half a cup of honey and same amount of oatmeal, and apply it on your face for about 30 minutes.


Aloe vera

With amazing burn-heal properties and ability to fight infection, Aloe vera is a great antidote for acne.

Extract the gel out of an aloe plant with a spoon, or you can also buy packaged aloe gel from medical stores. Just make sure that there are no artificial additions to it.

Apply the gel on the scars to get quick relief.

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Green Tea

Green Tea

Given its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, Green tea acts as a great remedy for treating acne, and the good part is that it is readily available in the kitchen.

You can either lay a tea-bag over the affected area to get relief, or you may use a cup of cool green tea as face wash.

It is great for getting fast relief.



Helpful in eliminating pore-clogging oil, Mint is another great ingredient for treating acne.

To keep the risk of acne at bay, take two tablespoons of finely grated fresh mint, and mix it with 2 tablespoons each of yogurt and blended oatmeal.

Apply this mixture on your face for about 10 minutes, and rinse off with water when done.




Lemons carry such great skin-lightening and disinfecting values that one simply cannot miss out on them.

To reduce acne appearance on your face, dip a cotton ball in lime juice, and apply gently over the affected areas.

When done, rinse off with some water. Do this for a couple of days and witness results!


Diet tips: What to eat, what not to eat

In the long run, following a healthy diet plan will help you stay safe from acne.

Consume more and more skin-health boosting food-items. They include green veggies, citrus fruits, nuts, cucumber, avocado, fish, whole-grains, and coconut water, among others.

When suffering from acne, you must avoid dairy products, carbohydrates-rich foods, and excessively salty and sugary foods. Also, cut down on your alcohol intake.

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