Healthy drinks for pregnant women


19 Apr 2019

#HealthBytes: 6 healthy drinks to have during pregnancy

Pregnancy can be a profound life experience for a woman, physiologically, as well as psychologically. Thus, staying healthy should be the top priority for any mother-to-be out there.

Diet, for one, plays an instrumental role in maintaining long term wellness of the mother and the baby.

Here are six healthy drinks to have during pregnancy, and some that should be avoided.

Stating the obvious, staying hydrated is crucial

Staying hydrated is anyway important, but more so, during the crucial phase of pregnancy. Due to the growing baby, one's need for water intake goes up. Drink plenty of water and other hydrating drinks.

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Lemonade and Coconut water

Lemonade and Coconut water

Lemonade: Refreshing and soothing, a glassful of lemonade, loaded with essential Vitamin C, will help beat dehydration, and keep you healthy. Drink early on, each morning, to avoid risk of morning sickness.

Coconut water: Packed with all essential electrolytes and Vitamins B and C, coconut water can contribute in proper growth and development. It can also help reduce risk of heartburn, acidity, constipation etc.


Milk and Iced tea

Milk: Rich in Calcium, protein, and healthy vitamins, milk is good for proper growth and development of the baby. If you are intolerant to milk, try soy drink. Other milk-based drinks like buttermilk, smoothies etc. are also equally beneficial.

Iced tea: Chilled, refreshing iced tea will help deal with summer heat and dehydration. However, considering presence of caffeine, you should take it in control.


Juices and Soups

Juices and Soups

Juices: Sip on fresh fruit and vegetable juices on a daily basis to get a good load of essential minerals and vitamins into the system. However, avoid packaged fruit-flavored drinks.

Soups: Tasty and filling, soups are another great way to get in the goodness of veggies. However, canned or packaged soups should be avoided.

What not to drink

During pregnancy, bid farewell to alcohol, as even mild intake of alcohol could affect the baby's development. Also, reduce your consumption of caffeinated drinks like tea, coffee and colas as they could be problematic for the health of pregnant women.

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