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27 Apr 2019

#HealthBytes: 6 hair-care tips to grow healthy, strong hair

Want long, shiny, and strong hair? Everyone does.

However, bad news is that it's not an easy job, and there's a long list of factors that go into determining your hair health.

Apart from healthy diet, sleep-patterns and hygienic environmental exposure, there are certain healthy hair care tips you can follow for long-term hair health.

Here are 6 hair-care tips for healthier, stronger hair.

Tips #1,2

Comb with care; Try oil massage

Comb with care; Try oil massage

Comb with care: Always comb wet hair with utmost care as they're fragile and thus, prone to breakage. For this, get a wide-toothed comb, and run it gently from the roots to ends, to avoid breakage.

Oil massage: Applying hair oil will moisturize your hair and will improve blood circulation to the scalp, thus helping keep them long, shiny, and strong.

Tips #3,4

Keep you hair away from chemicals; Avoid over-washing

Say goodbye to chemicals: Regular shampoos are jam-packed with harmful chemicals, like silicone, sulphite, parabels and colorants, that can ruin your hair. So, steer clear of them, and opt for natural products to maintain your hair health.

Avoid over-washing: Washing hair daily isn't a good idea as it takes away the natural oils from your scalp, that are crucial for healthy hair growth.

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Tips #5,6

Use natural conditioners; Avoid heat damage

Use natural conditioners; Avoid heat damage

Natural conditioners: Use natural, plant-based hair conditioners made from ingredients such as coconut oil, honey etc. as these will help strengthen your hair, and promote natural growth.

Avoid heat damage: Overuse of hair dryers for styling can weaken your hair roots, therefore resulting in breakage. So, use a hair-dryer only when you must, in order to keep your hair strong and healthy.

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