How to clean smelly gym clothes


04 May 2019

#HealthBytes: How to remove sweat smell from your gym clothes

That energizing workout session at the gym sure feels great, but the mess it creates of your clothes isn't something desirable.

Gym leaves your clothing sweaty and smelly. This is because gym wear fabrics trap in moisture, germs, and bacteria, thus causing odour.

Smelly clothes aren't just socially unacceptable, but can also lead to various skin issues.

Here's how you can deal with them.


What causes the smell?

What causes the smell?

Your gym clothes are way different from your regular clothing. They do not have the flexibility of cotton.

They tend to become smelly after workout sessions because of excessive sweating and a limited amount of space between the body and clothing.

So when the sweat and the grime builds up, it sticks through the clothing, refusing to go away and causing unpleasant smell.

Tips (1)

Tips to clean sweaty gym clothes

Always wash your clothes inside-out. This is because when you exercise, sweat and grime stick to the insides of your clothing, not the outside.

Pre-soak your clothes and wash in cold or warm water. Avoid using hot water.

Don't re-use your gym clothes. Wash them after every session.

If you're short on time, air dry your gym wear for an hour or so.

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Tips (2)

Tips to clean sweaty gym clothes

Tips to clean sweaty gym clothes

If possible, take a shower pre and post workout. This will help reduce chances of germs sticking to your body.

Do not overuse detergent, as it will make make your clothes harder to rinse and germs stick through.

You can also try out natural cleaning agents like baking soda and vinegar, as they are great for killing germs.

Remember to clean your gym-bag too.

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