Habits that ruin sex life


16 May 2019

#HealthBytes: 7 things that might be killing your sex life

A satisfying sex life results in overall emotional, physical, and mental well-being.

However, there are many dietary and lifestyle factors that might be affecting your sex drive, and keeping you from hitting the sheets, of late.

So, in case you feel you're losing the spark in your sex life, here are 7 factors that might be responsible and what you can do about them.


Stress might be disturbing your mood

Stress might be disturbing your mood

If work deadlines keep you up at nights, chances are your cortisol levels are high.

Cortisol is a total mood-killer and might harm testosterone and other hormonal production in body, keeping you from getting excited in bed.

Try relaxing activities like yoga and meditation to calm yourself down, and get your libido back on track again.

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Compromising on your quota of sleep might be the issue

A common problem among couples is that after a long day at work, they feel too tired for any action in the bedroom.

Lack of sleep and sleeping disorders might also be responsible for your loss of interest in sex.

Get enough sound sleep each day, to maintain a healthy libido.

In case you can't find a solution, consult your doctor.

Lack of exercise

Not been hitting the gym lately?

Not been hitting the gym lately?

Exercise makes for a great way to keep your blood pumping in order.

In case you've lost the connection with that treadmill (or your yoga mat for that matter), chances are your blood circulation is not at its best.

Lack of exercise can significantly affect your sexual desire, by disbalancing sexual hormones like estrogen and testosterone.

So, say hello to your sports shoes today!

Bad diet

More the french fries, less the libido

You sure love that plate overloaded with your favorite French fries, burgers, and a can of coke by the side, but it could be ruining your sexual appetite.

Fried, salty, and even excessively sugary foods are bad choices if you desire good action in bed.

For optimum sexual drive, a balanced diet (with certain must-haves like avocados, watermelons, and dark chocolates) should be preferred.


If you are upset, mentally

If you are upset, mentally

When you're suffering mentally, your desire to do pretty much everything takes a toll, and sex obviously stands out of question then.

Additionally, those anti-depressants might also be responsible. Talk to your doctor to get over it sooner than later.

Further, if you feel under-confident about your own body, your sex drive is bound to suffer. Talk it out or try boosting your morale.

Other factors

Dehydration and certain medications

Dehydration: Dehydration is a major cause for headaches, and you simply won't feel like doing it, with an exploding head. So, if you've been refraining from getting intimate lately, get some more H20 into the system.

Certain medications: Certain medicines could be also be affecting your sexual appetite. If that is the case, look out for the side-effects' disclaimer, or talk to your doctor.

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