How to download Aadhaar using Aadhaar-registered mobile number


28 May 2019

Here's how to download Aadhaar using your Aadhaar-registered mobile number

With so many government welfare schemes linked with Aadhaar, it is one of the most important documents you will ever hold. Also, a vital proof of identity, it can come handy anywhere and anytime.

If you need to download your Aadhaar card online, you can do it easily using your Aadhaar-registered mobile number.

Here's how.

What is Aadhaar-registered mobile number?

Aadhaar-registered mobile number is the contact number added in the Aadhaar database. One might give it at the time of Aadhaar application or link it at a later stage. It is typically used by UIDAI to send OTPs for facilitating instrumental Aadhaar updates and transactions.


Procedure to download Aadhaar using your Aadhaar-registered mobile number

Procedure to download Aadhaar using your Aadhaar-registered mobile number

First off, log on to the UIDAI portal, and click on 'Download Aadhaar' link under 'My Aadhaar' drop-down menu.

On the next page, you are required to enter your Aadhaar number/Enrolment ID/Virtual ID.

Following this, a one-time password (OTP) will be sent to your Aadhaar-registered mobile number.

Finally, enter the OTP and click on 'Verify and Download' option.

Your digital Aadhaar-card will be downloaded.

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How to update your Aadhaar-registered mobile number

To update your Aadhaar-registered mobile number, you'll have to visit your nearest Aadhaar Enrolment Center and fill in an Aadhaar Update/Correction Form, and submit the same, along with the required documents and prescribed fee.

Aadhaar status

Clearing the air around Aadhaar status

Post the September 26, 2018 SC verdict relating to authentication of Aadhaar, there has been some confusion with respect to the services where Aadhaar is necessary and where not.

Aadhaar is no longer mandatory for services such as bank accounts, telecom services, and school admissions/entrance tests.

However, it is still necessary for getting a PAN, filing I-T returns, and availing government welfare schemes.

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How to update Email ID in Aadhaar?

How to get new Aadhaar card?

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How to update Email ID in Aadhaar?

Asked 2019-05-29 22:44:01 by Shaik Saidha

Answered by NewsBytes

To update your Email ID in Aadhaar, visit your nearest Aadhaar Enrolment Centre, get an Aadhaar update/correction form, furnish your Email ID and other details, pay the required fee, and you're done.

How to get new Aadhaar card?

Asked 2019-05-29 06:56:58 by Mahesh Viradiya

Answered by NewsBytes

In order to apply for a new Aadhaar card, first off, locate your nearest Aadhaar Enrolment Centre, and book an online appointment. The next step is to visit the Enrolment Centre on day of appointment. Fill up your Aadhaar Enrolment form, attach necessary documents, and pay the required fee. An Aadhaar acknowledgement slip will be issued to you.

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