Dry shampoo: All you need to know


31 May 2019

#HealthBytes: What is Dry shampoo, and how to use it

With a plethora of hair-care products available in the market, it could get tricky to choose the right one for yourself.

But some products always stand out - Dry shampoos are one of them.

If you need to beautify or freshen your hair on-the-go, without wasting much time, dry shampoos could be the answer.

Here's all you need to know about them.

What basically is Dry shampoo?

Simply put, Dry shampoo is a powder or spray-based hair-care product that helps cleanse your hair without water. It takes out the excess sebum and other oils from your hair roots, freshens your hair, and leaves a refreshing smell to them.

Benefits (1)

Why use Dry shampoo?

Why use Dry shampoo?

Less frequent shampooing: Frequent shampooing extract moisture out of certain hair types, such as coarse, curly, thick, fragile etc. So one might want to reduce their shampoo use. Dry shampoos help you do that.

Eliminates odor: Despite the good looks, your hair might be smelly, which is quite off-putting. A quick use of dry shampoo will lend a refreshing fragrance to your hair.

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Benefits (2)

A couple of more benefits

Saves time: Dry shampoo is the go-to thing when you're running out of time, but also badly require a hair wash. It helps save your precious time.

Relieves irritated scalp: Scalp irritation might be due to a number of reasons. And, it is downright uncomfortable and frustrating. To get relief from an irritated scalp, go for a quick applying of the dry shampoo.


How to use a Dry shampoo

How to use a Dry shampoo

Step 1: Shake the Dry shampoo container. Start applying on the roots, then head on to the sub-sections to ensure the whole head gets covered.

Step 2: Flip your head upside down and spread the spray through your hair roots using your fingertips.

Step 3: Use your finger pads or a comb or brush to disperse the product through your entire hair length.


A few tips to apply Dry shampoo, the right way

Tips to apply Dry shampoo correctly:

1) Keep a fair distance between the container and the hair while applying it.

2) Don't overdo it- too much of Dry shampoo might make your hair look dull.

3) Apply Dry shampoo only to dry hair.

4) Don't rub immediately after spraying. Let it sit and get absorbed.

5) Don't rely too much on Dry shampoos.

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