How to start an Aadhaar card franchise


06 Jun 2019

How to get an Aadhaar card franchise

Did you know you can open an Aadhaar Enrolment Center?

As it happens, the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) appoints registrars, who further appoint enrolment agencies.

Such agencies, in turn, enrol residents who actually collect and maintain the biometric and demographic data of people as per UIDAI requirements.

Here's how you can get an Aadhaar franchise (or Aadhaar Enrolment Center).

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Here's the full procedure

Here's the full procedure

If you wish to get an Aadhaar franchise, here's the process:

First off, you will have to clear an online UIDAI certification to become an Aadhaar supervisor or operator.

Once you clear this exam, you will be authorized to carry out Aadhaar verification.

Further, in order to get a government recognized center, you shall require CSC registration.

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Here's how to register for CSC

Notably, a CSC is a Common Service Center which has service delivery points that are equipped with Information and Communication Technology.

To register for CSC, log on to its official website and click on 'Interested to become a CSC' link under 'Useful links' section.

Enter the required details, generate OTP, and you are done.

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Aadhaar status

Clearing the air around Aadhaar status

Clearing the air around Aadhaar status

Post the September 26, 2018 SC verdict relating to authentication of Aadhaar, there has been much confusion with respect to services where Aadhaar is necessary and where not.

Aadhaar is no longer mandatory for services such as bank account, telecom services, and school admissions/entrance tests.

However, it is still necessary for getting a PAN, filing I-T returns, and availing government welfare schemes.

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