CA toppers' habits that everyone must follow


11 Jun 2019

#CareerBytes: Habits of CA toppers which every aspirant should inculcate

In India, Chartered Accountancy (CA) is one of the most sought-after and toughest professional courses.

Though the career path for becoming a CA is considered challenging, it's a very promising career.

Apart from preparation, CA aspirants must also adopt study habits of toppers and follow their tips/strategies to clear the CA exams.

Here are some habits of CA toppers every aspirant must inculcate.


Have proper study-plan; don't study too much at a time

Have proper study-plan; don't study too much at a time

Chartered Accountancy is very challenging and the CA courses/exams involve a vast syllabus.

Many toppers say a proper study plan and consistent preparation/revision are a must to cover all the topics.

However, one must not try to study too much at a time as it can be mentally tiring. Aspirants should space out their study sessions; they can also take short breaks in between.


Set study goals and achieve them without fail

Aspirants must adhere to their study plan without fail. They also need to set short-term as well as long-term study goals and achieve them in order to prepare well.

These study goals will help them stay focused and monitor their progress on a regular basis. These goals will also help them be clear about what they want to accomplish during their study sessions.

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Regular revision is a must to crack CA exams

Regular revision is a must to crack CA exams

Aspirants must read all the study material intensively and note down all the important points for quick reference and revision.

After learning all the concepts/topics, they should revise on a regular basis to retain information for longer. They should also solve previous question papers and take mock tests.

While studying/revising, one must identify their weaknesses and prepare a strategy to improve their performance.

#4: Time management is essential; don't postpone study/revision sessions

Another habit of CA toppers one must adopt is proper time management. Aspirants must learn to manage and utilize precious time properly to do well in their exams. Also, one must not postpone their study or revision sessions as it increases their burden.

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